Couch to 5K

Starting this week

Just looking through for some health tips on weight loss and found this. I have over the last two weeks been in the gym trying to lose weight, walking on a treadmill for about 30 mins.

Have been increasing the speed so I am doing a fast walk (for me anyway heh) over that time.

This will help I think give me some structure to the sessions and help me lose some weight.

Never really been a runner, always been puffed out too quickly but its something I have wanted to be able to do.

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it's great having someone tell you what to do. I dont think many of us here started out as runners or even fighting fit. They joy of the programme is that it's really easy to follow and you build up so slowly. Good luck. x


I couldnt talk to some one called jim let alone go in one hahahah I never thought in a million years I would run but I am on week 3 and love it... I am slow and my pony tail dosnt "swish" like the runners that pass me but

so what :) Good Luck


Hi Zagel - years ago I did the same as you at the gym, walking fast on the treadmill - but the more I did, the more I wanted to run rather than walk...... yet I'd been told after the birth of my son 17 years ago that I shouldn't EVER run again, which was very frustrating (and a bit scary)! In January this year I just thought 'sod it! I want to run'. And I did (but outdoors, not on the treadmill! Which was much more fun, I discovered). I completed this programme 3 weeks ago and am now training for a 10k in May. My body hasn't fallen to bits - indeed it's stronger than ever - and my GP is perfectly happy with me doing this. I'm just sorry I listened to what seems now to have been bad advice - or maybe they didn't know any better then (mid-90s).

I hope you will reach the stage where you 'just want to run' - and that you give it a go. It really has changed my life - and that of so many others on this forum.

Well done on all you've done so far :-)


Thanks for the comments & support. I went and got some trainers yesterday and ready to start out today. Will post how it goes.


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