Couch to 5K

week 6 complete

well thats week 6 don bring on 7 .

three years after joining a gym to help with my asthma ,who would have thought i would have been able to run for 25 mins.

with the help of laura and this plan i not only can run 25 mins ,i can do it without being out of breath.

fitness to me was something others don ,of cause i didnt need it i was too fit allready .well thats what i thought .the inprovement i have made to my health over the last 3 years is incredible .no asthma now for 2 years and running .

if any of you reading this is in any doubt dont be .follow the plan even if you think you can go faster and longer .its made to not only get you use to running ,but to get the body parts also use to it .stick to the plan and enjoy it .and in no time you will be feeling great at your achievement.

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Lovely motivating post.

Well done on completing W6 :)


How right you are, I think alot of c25k ers will agree with you on all of the above, so i second/third your blog, well done on completing wk 6 and have a great time in wk 7.


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