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I've started;-0

Week 1, day 1 done.

I didn't really know what to expect, but so many people have been positive about the program, I thought I'd give it a try.

I was so close to doing my usual thing of putting off for another day, but I just went out and did it.

Set out on the 5 warm up walk, and just as arrived at the gates of the park I wanted to run around, it was time for the run - perfect timing;

The park has a track around it which was great. There was one other jogger and lots of dog walkers on the grass.

I found the level just right. It pushed me, but it was doable.

Really loved the music, especially the last track on the warm down or whatever it's called

But I do feel great after it. It's about 15 years since I've done any aerobic exercise, and I really missed the feeling.

At the moment I'm looking forward to the next run - maybe that will change tomorrow.

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Well done, you've done the hardest bit by starting. :) It's such a great feeling and you'll be hooked in no time! Keep posting to let us know how you get on. The support on here is amazing!!!


Hey gerardi - no reason to suppose you'll feel any different about it tomorrow! This is a great start and I'm sure you'll just look forward to it more and more. Make sure you have those rest days in between!


congratulations on getting off the couch! Like Juicy said, do keep the rest days in between. Keep blogging! x


Congrats for jumping the hardest hurdle. As Laura will tell you, this program is more mental than physical. Keep believing in yourself and you CAN do it!!!


Thank you all for your positive comments:-)

I'm a little sore today, but it's a nice feeling.

And I'm looking forward to the Run number 2 tomorrow.

I really love the music!


Well done! Getting started isn't easy. You will find lots of support on here so keep posting.


I found the first run reeeeeally hard, almost had to give up at times but it was just about manageable. Then I did the second run of week 1 yesterday and I couldn't believe how much easier it was already! Well done on starting! Hope we can both keep up with it : ) x


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