Couch to 5K

It's like de ja vu all over again

So this running lark then....

Downloaded the entry forms about a month ago and 'ummed' and 'ahhed' about whether I should go for it for a week or so........

What if I can't make it to the end?

But its in public and people might see me!

I will definitely be more unfit than everyone else....

I am sure I am not ready for it maybe I should just practice a bit longer before commiting.

So handed over cash money which was commitment at least......

The day got nearer....

Maybe it will rain and I will have an excuse?

Is that a cold coming on, maybe I won't be able to?

So told people I was going to do it which is a bigger commitment than money!

The day came:

It's the first day of my holiday I don't really want to get up and go for a run do I?

KICK!!!!! {that was my missus getting me out of bed}

Trawled up to Maidenhead, sat in the car park thinking that everyone else looked like a proper runner, surely they would see through me what with their running club shirts and all......not too late to go home........

Then my friend turned up and I had to go and look calm and committed, off for the start of my first ten mile race.

Race duly completed, better time than I had hoped for (well not hoped you know we are all Kenyan on the inside but expected). Lovely sunny day, souvenir t-shirt and this nagging feeling that I had felt all of this before........including the freshly niggly shins :-)

Oh yes I was suddenly feeling like I did at the start, eighteen months ago, how does that work?

But also just like then was suddenly all hyper-enthusiastic and now have my race schdeule planned out for the rest of the year, who would have thunk it! Me, old couch bloke?

I talked to people on the start line who were planning to run a much slower race than I was and were quite envious of my target time, hang on when did I become the aspirational one? That's not right at all, so I had a talk witha few more people who were all going to run faster than me and they all secretly though they were going to crash and burn and would not countenance the fact that they were my aspiration! How does that work the world was all topsy-turvy!

I am coming to terms with the thought that I am never going to run in slow motion along the beach with a Vangelis sound track. The joy (?) of this sport is that you never get complacent because as soon as you can do a bit you want to do a bit more, then a bit more, then a bit more and you are always chasing that mythical serene glide :-D

All those people you see on the start line of the race, half of them want to be you and the other half just don't want to go down in flames. This sport is a great leveller. Go do a few races, good fun and really interesting.

I am going away now I have a cross country with my name on it for this afternoon


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Brlliant post. :)


So cool. Greg - my hero!!! :-)

Reply that's what you've been up to!!

Setting these challenges for's all so different to life before the running. The first challenge; to run more than 90 seconds without collapsing, then up to the 20 minute etc If we had known then what was ahead of us we would have laughed and said 'no way, I'm just trying to get fit' !!

Now, that 10 mile race...mmmm, maybe I SHOULD give it a go!


You should!


Well done on all your achievements! Great to read :)


Wow! 10 miles. Such an achievement. Well done you!


Top bloke!!

Great post and well done on the 10miler!


Fab blog! Well done on the 10 mile race :)


Ahhhhh Nuts! I really, really, really wish you hadn't posted that!

Y'see I've been toying with the idea of doing the xrunners wet'n'wild thingy in June and the exact same thoughts have been going through my head! You've just ripped all my excuses right away from me! :-(

But, well done you for sticking to it and completing. I'm very envious now! :-)


10 miles!!! :) damn fine show sir, damn fine show indeed

why do I have a fizzing stirring thought that I'd like that to be me one day...


Don't fight the fizzing!

Bet you can do it in less than15 months.

Double dare!


chuckle... I take your dare! (i'm a bugger for taking dares lol) My latest post might confirm that I've destroyed one too many brain cells these last few weeks... Might have to think about achieving that dare of 10 miles this side of Christmas...


That same sound track seems to be playing in many of our heads. Totally enjoyedk your post.


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