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2 quick questions!

Right i have come across 2 problems when running, the first is my nose. I have found that when i breathe through my nose it goes really tingly, and quite sore in a way. It makes it really difficult to breathe through my nose ... could it be hayfever or something? I really have no idea ...

Second question, recently i have been getting a blister on the sole of my foot. Didnt think it was possible .. anyway i can prevent it?

Thanks for your help! :)

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no idea on the nose, mine just gets cold.

Compeed make blister plasters for the sole, but sounds like you need better socks. I wear Asics running sock, they are half price from sports direct (my current fav shop!) and so much better than any other sock I have tried (I don't have a sock fetish so its not that many!)


Hmm I didnt think that it could be due to my socks. To be honest the socks i wear are really old trainer socks (with the odd hole in them ... ) so i think i should invest in some new ones and see if it helps :)


socks are a funny thing you don't think anything about them until you try a proper pair of running ones. I have never felt so comfortable in my trainers they are brilliant! Also never quite felt the need to be excited by socks before 8-)

Well worth the investment.


ditto karrimor ankle running socks from sports direct. £4 for 2 pairs. well worth the investment. but beware, once the kids have tried them you will have to hunt for them :)


Nike for me!


Thanks guys! looks like il be popping into sports direct ;)


I swear by my Karrimor running socks, sooo comfy and no blisters :)


I find it too hard to breathe through my nose. I just don't feel like I'm getting as much oxygen into my lungs and it makes me feel more tired.

It's particularly hard at the moment, running in the cold frosty mornings. The very cold air does make my nose tingle...I don't know if you're going out early?

However, i guess it could well be hay fever. I think the tree pollen is in season at the moment. You could try a nasal spray before you go out as I think that can stop the pollen irritating your nose.


I'll give another vote for the Karrimor socks from Sports Direct, very comfy and good value. Or Aldi's are doing a range of running clothes in their Special Deal this week, including running socks so you could probably still get a bargain there.

I've had sinus trouble since long before starting the program and I get tingly nose and all sorts, I have to chew Airways to be able to breathe comfortably while I'm running. You can get non-drowsy hayfever tablets from Asda very inexpensively, and I assume from most other supermarkets, so it might be worth trying those. I've resorted to nasal irrigation to clear my sinuses before going for a run, it does seem to make a difference and is also recommended for hay fever sufferers. It isn't fun but it isn't anything like as unpleasant as I expected (I thought it might be messy but it isn't!)



I read about your nose and i had something similar when i first started running so thought i'd share. I thought i might have been allergic to actual exercise but i wasn't, it was just rhinitis!

When you exercise, the mucous membranes in the nose and sinus work harder than they do when you're lolling about on the couch. So the exercise means your nose makes more mucus, which soaks up irritating dust and dirt. This can lead to the mucous membrane swelling and your nose feeling blocked, making it difficult to breathe through your nose and may also cause drippy nostrils!

You might have an ear or throat infection or it might just be hayfever causing this but a sinus spray should make it feel better. If it doesn't your GP might be able to help out with a nasal steroid spray.

Not too sure about blistery feet, sorry!

Keep running!

L xx


This makes sence, iv always had trouble with breathing through my nose, though it varys on different days, it was horrible with all the cold weather. could barely breathe! il try and see if i can get a sinus spray and see if it works =)


I can't breathe through my nose when I run so I just breathe through my mouth, I find it really hard to get enough air in if I don't! As for the blisters, definitely get some running socks!!!


I can't get the breathing through the nose thing at all. For some strange reason I start to dribble out the side of my mouth when I try! Lol! Given up trying now and just breathe through my mouth!

As for your blister............... You haven't said how old your trainers are. If they're an older pair then maybe investing in some new ones? Get a gait analysis done first though. Don't make my mistake of buying new trainers without a gait analysis. You'll save yourself some money!


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