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What a Great Friday!

I treated myself to a bit of a lie in today, and got up at 8. Problem was, I woke up hungry! I normally run best on an empty stomach, so I took ages to decide whether to go for it or to leave it a fw hours and have breakfast first.

Weird thing was, last night in bed I couldn't keep my legs still. I like to think the springy muscles are growing :)

So ... today was W6R3 the big 20 mins! It wasn't easy, but I did it :) As Laura said, I've run enough now to manage it - my body was ready but my mind hasn't quite caught up!

Anyhoo, the lovely Laura was so encouraging today that I gave it my best and completed the 20 mins. It felt GREAT! :)

I am so chuffed to be entering week 6. The broken up runs 1 and 2 will feel like a lovely treat, before the next biggie ... in a week, it'll be 25 mins!!! :/

I'm going to start using Map My Run from next week, to have an idea what distance I'm actually covering, too.

HAPPY EASTER everyone :)

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Hi ChrisMcB.... well done. Glad to hear you made it too!!

I feel exactly the same as you about today. The mental battle was hard but Laura really helped me through it.

Ha ha, i was also thinking of the Week 6 intervals as being a treat after today :) I think that means you've definitely caught the running bug.

Congrats and have a relaxing Friday.


Well done with your run and Happy Easter. Graduation not far off........


Great to hear your happy progress. Well done.


Fantastic - it's such a great feeling! :)


Brilliant job, well done, can't wait for week 6 too


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