Couch to 5K

Run 1 of Week 3 - snail mode

Two days ago I was dreading the 3-minute runs. But as it turns out: They aren't that bad! Only two in this week after all. Phew!

I woke up with a headache and ditched my plan to go running early in the morning. Instead I slept in and went around 2pm. It stil takes some convincing to go out at first, but as soon as I'm out of the door, I'm all happy! It was a good choice to wait a bit as it stopped raining in the afternoon and the sun was coming out during my warmup walk. It was "only" 15 degrees, but it was the first run I did without my jacket on.

I tried - again - to slow down to see if I can make it through the 3 minutes without stopping. And this resulted in me getting through the 3 minute parts fine, but I covered only 3,5 kilometers. That's about the same as I did on Week One! Shouldn't I get much further now that I'm actually running more???

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I've been told so many times not to think about the distance and to just work on stamina and endurance.

On my w5r1 I covered 1.97miles (not including warm up/cool down periods) which is 3.2km. I'm a dreadfully slow plodder but I'm out there doing it no matter what my pace is.

I think you are doing great, good luck for your next session.


WOW you're so fast! I only covered 2.4km on week 3 run 1 - it was, for the record, my shortest run of the whole programme!

Hope that helps and good luck - speedy gonzales! I'm on week 9 and am still mega chuffed if I hit 4km!


Speedy Gonzales? Haha.

Okay, seems I'm not the only one to have a short distance on this run.

But true, I should think more about building the stamina and not about the distance.


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