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W2 R3 On Treadmill...But What Speeds

Hi, today I did W2 R3 but decided to have a go on my treadmill as I noticed a few others on here do a mix of both so thought I would give it a go. I set my walking speed at only 3.5 and my running speed at 5.0. I changed the speeds manually and it was difficult to keep up the momentum while changing them so I know I will have to program it to do intervals, but I just wanted some advise on what speeds would be the best. I found it ok at that speed and my recovery rate after the jogging was well within the 2 min walk stage, and I found it easier to do on the treadmill than even though I was walking & jogging faster than when I am outdoors. I am going to repeat W2 for another week just as I did W1 so would it be ok to increase speed then or stay the same and gradually build it up?


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I think you should just do what feels right for you and not compare with others.

I try to do most of my brisk walking at just below the speed where I feel I would need to break into jog, but I have to slow it down a couple of points if I need to swill some drink or blow my nose (been suffering with sinusitus for weeks!). I do all my C25K runs on the treadmill but do an outdoor run with a local beginners group once a week as well. I try and up the speed very slightly each time on the treadmill and I usually try and up the speed for the last little bit of each run, rather than tail off and allow myself to flag. If you feel you can increase speed, then do so. I think the main thing is to learn to pace yourself and the readings on the treadmill are quite a useful tool. I think the outdoor runs have done more to improve my stamina and determination though.

This is all just what I've done for myself because it felt right though - not based on any research or advice. I'm only on week 5 so certainly no expert.


it took til week 4 for me to find a "pace" that I was comfortable with. I now walk at about 3.8m & run at 5.8-6.8 depending on what run I am doing. when I started I ran at 5.5 but my speed has improved over time. & my walk was 3.5 until I got used to it.

do what feels comfortable. sometimes running slower feels very heavy & clunky but once you start running for longer periods you will really get a feel for what is natural to you.

good luck. shelley X


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