W2 R3

W2 R3

W2 R3 finished this evening, I felt so good I ran for 2 minutes instead 0f 90 seconds at the end of each half. I have just looked at week 3, and it seems

fine. I only look at the next week when I am ready to start it, I see no point in frightening myself untill my body is ready for it.

I took this photo yesterday evening, but he was there again today to watch me.

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  • Wow, that's a stunning picture.

    And well done on your very commonsense approach to the weeks. You will be ready fro each successive week at the end of the previous, as you say.

  • Well done Patrick on completing w2, it sounds like you've enjoyed it that's great. That is a special picture, one worthy of Countryfile calendar. I hope he spurred you on. ๐Ÿ˜Š Keep up the good work.

  • Well done Patrick.

    That is a beautiful photo!

  • Well done :)

    I finished yesterday got W3R1 tomorrow & wish I had your enthusiasm, I'm dreading it lol. Gorgeous pic X

  • Well done Patrick !

    Thats a great photo, I have never seen an owl. Heard a few at night near me, but never seen one in the flesh so to speak .

    Stunning ! xxx

  • Just look at the eyes on that fellow, wow! Love that photo. You're doing great. I didn't look ahead either, just took it 1 run at a time.

  • Thanks for all the great comments, I love the buz you get from running.

    The Short Eared Owl is unlike other owls as it hunts in daylight .

  • Hi Patrick, That photo is amazing. Well done on completing Week 2. I just started week 2 today, and I struggled a bit and my legs are aching a bit. I wasn't as motivated today, as last week. Did all your runs in week two go as well as Run 3? I hope I feel better on Thursday.

    Great Photo

  • Hi Barbara, I find day 1 of the week hardest, then progressively easier with 2 and 3, which prepares you to start the next week. It's a great plan and it works! Stay possitive and you will stay motivated. I hope your legs support you through this. (sorry for the pun)

  • Brilliant photograph...beautiful bird.

    Well done on your run...and also taking it slow and steady.

    Focussing on the now, not the next works for me too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Stunning pic! How nice that he comes to cheer you on! Well done on your progress, you'll have your grad badge before you know it xx

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