Couch to 5K

Help Failed the mental challange!

I did the 20 minutes last Friday, it was hard but I finished it

Last night I did week 6 run 1, tonight I attempted week 6 run 2

Unfortunately tonight I failed miserably, I managed the first 10, but for the second my brain just said no and I gave up after 3 minutes,there was no real reason, I was tired but could have kept going

has anyone else flaked like this and then picked up again a few days later?

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My first mental fail was wk5r2. Like you I managed the first half but the second half was hopeless. I've learnt not to over analyse it too much but I just think that day I was not mentally very strong as I'd had bad news a few days before that. The next day I went out to do it, determined to have a better positive attitude and I managed it. Lesson learnt, we can't always complete every run perfectly and sometimes it's good to learn from an incomplete run. X


Totally agree, some days are bad then the next runs really great, its almost like you can't predict it. Give it another go and let us know how you get on


In my books that equals 13 minutes plus a warm up of 5 minutes; that's 18 more minutes than you would have done a few weeks ago, so it's still a big positive :)

There are some runs that turn out to be hard work and runs that you just can't complete, even after months of running. It's hard to know exactly why, but I guess we can't be strong mentally and physically every day so it's bound to happen sooner or later.

Don't dwell on it. Tomorrow is a new day...


I have had a few really bad runs, the first time I came down with a cold 2 days later, so just the bodies way of saying slow down a bit! I think this whole process is getting to know our running selves a bit... I ran faster/longer when over cold! Any run is a good run!!


Just write it off and look forward to your next run. I'm a C25K graduate but aborted a run last Thursday and haven't felt fully well enough to run again until today. My mp3 player failed today so OH timed me doing 3minute runs with 1 minute walking intervals. That was really enough for me today but I still feel good that I'm back out there running. We're not on the couch. :)


Right then, I will be kind to myself, have an early night and then lookforward to a run at the weekend

thinking about it I am shattered, the hour change has knocked me of schedule and I am getting less sleep and it was my sons birthday last weekend so I don't feel like I have stopped for weeks!

early night here I come!


...and if I've read it correctly, you ran on 2 consecutive days? Definitely have a rest and you'll probably bounce back at the weekend! (and that hour is a killer...)


You haven't failed anything, just one of those days.

One day does NOT negate everything you have achieved so far. Its just a test! Up and attem again tomorrow!

I am not sure if its a help or a hindrance but 18 months in those days still happen sometimes. The only thing is now having survived a few I know tomorrow is another day and there are triumphs to come :-D


dont want to sound like the teacher but it looks like you skipped your rest day too, thats not good, your muscles need chance to recover. maybe that had something to do with it, perhaps your body was telling you "i need my rest day-listen to laura!" good luck with the rest of your programme xx


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