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Ankle pain why?!!!!!

I'm in Wk8R2, so pretty far along. I haven't felt any pain so far while doing the plan except for the usual bit of stiffness. I can honestly say it's changed my life. But today I felt a slight twinge in my left ankle along the outside while I was running and it has persisted for the day. Any idea what this could be? I have alright trainers (basic asics - fairly new), but admit that I haven't done a gait analysis as when I started the programme I assumed I would give up like I have with every sport I have ever tried so didn't want to spend too much money on it. Advice on what to do? This has been a real mental and physical struggle for me and I'm desperate not to have to quit so close to the end.

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I've had ankle pain in the same place the last couple of weeks. Not sure what it is but looking on other running forums suggests it might be inflamed tendon. I've been taking ibuprofen or aspiring and following the RICE advice for injuries - Rest, Ice via some frozen peas, Compression with an elastic bandage support and Elevation - putting it up in the evening. Very frustrating as I'm a long way behind you but it does seem to be getting better.


See how it is in a day or so before jumping to any conclusions. We have chosen a sport which lends itself to niggles of all sorts. Often they just go and sort themselves out.


Thanks for the help. It's still sore today which is annoying. I've iced it this morning and taken some Advil. I think I should probably not run tomorrow if it is still twingey - which is annoying as I am away for the weekend and will not be able to resume till Tuesday - would people agree that interrupting the plan is better than trying to run through the pain? And, yes, I will look into getting new shoes next week :-)


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