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I developed upper back pain across the shoulders during the run

I was running on Friday and I experienced pain across my back about level with my shoulder blades. I haven't done anything differently to normal and it felt as if it was muscular. After a day it went and I ran on Sunday and it was fine. Just a little confused, as I would expect legs rather than upper body. And if it is muscular, why haven't I experienced it before? MAybe I was pushing too hard.

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Sometimes i get pain in my upper back/shoulders, even arms. It is usually caused by being too tense whilst running so I have to make myself drop my shoulders and relax. I also find that if I do something like gardening the day before, I feel fine until i run and then I ache in the back etc

Or perhaps you just slept oddly! These things are almost put under the magnifying glass when you run.


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