Couch to 5K

That's week 1 done (I couldn't wait)

I couldn't wait. Today I ignored the restday. But my reasons were: It was suppose to rain later the day, and this way I can start Week 2 on Monday when I'm still on holiday and don't have to do two runs after work at 8pm. I like this reasoning! Makes total sense to me. But I promise to not skip restdays later in the programme!

I ran the same route as the other two runs, only this time I got a little less far. Other than that it was as "easy" as Run 2 and I was excited even during running. No "Only to that next tree"... "Now to this next one"... argueing in my head! Only thinking about slowing down and even looking left and right to enjoy nature.

I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow, but it's Sunday so who cares. ;)

Now on to a successful Week 2! (God am I happy to not have to hear the Week 1 podcast again! Nothing against Laura, but 8 times really is enough...)

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Hiya Suzi - Congratulations for finishing wk 1. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with ignoring a rest days. If your mind and body lets go, then get up and go. Keep us posted on how you get on with wk 2. :)


Sorry there should be a say before lets go!


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