Feeling fitter & lighter!

Just completed week 3 run 1 and feeling great. As a 45 yr old classed as ' 'obese' I really didn't think I would A) be able to do this & B)get the bug! A few of the girls at work have signed up to do the race for life in July and I so didn't want to be the fat one at the back crawling over the finish line. I was surfing the web & came accross the C25K pod casts . So diet started beginning of feb - 1200 calories per day & program started the beginning of march, slow start I ended u doing the week 1 run 4 times then the week 2 run 5 times with rest days in between. So it is going to take longer than the 9 weeks to get me to 5k but I am starting to look forward to my runs and hopefully I'll be able to manage the 5k in July if the improvement continues week to week there will be no problem. Also on the weight front I have now lost 13lb and am convinced the running is helping. Thank you to everyone on the forum your posts are keeping me focused! Bring on the next run on Monday


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  • you sound as though you are doing so well.keep it up sunny days are here and they make us all feel great .I hope i can get to where you are(smiley face)

  • Hiya Jual, Thank you. I am surprising myself as I was the least likely to do any exercise before I started this and I am really enjoying it. Keep it up .

  • Well done and keep going. You seem to be reaping the benefits :)

  • Thank you??

  • A mix of counting calories (1500 for me as a bloke) and C2K did it for me. I did find that, despite everything, my weight hit plateau. Obviously the scales must have developed a fault (!) so bought shiny new digital ones with BMI etc. Oops - they made me akg heavier than the old ones. I went for nearly 3 weeks on the plateau and no change in weight until BANG - something kicked in again and weight is now plummeting. That story might not be entirely relevant to your circumstances, but hopefully everything will start to click for you and younwon't look back. All the best ...

  • Thanks Malcy, Ive been dieting on & off for years but never felt the improvement as much as I do this time round. Exercise does seem to be the holy grail for me. Trouble is I was a very skinny teenager and never had to watch what I ate so as the years pass I kept doing what I'd always done and the weight crept on. Still a teenager in my head ( who isn't !) I was ignoring that I needed to do something different! Thanks for all the support it is helping keeping me on track as I usually am very easily distracted lol. Keep up the good work.

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