Couch to 5K

W2 R1 On Sunday

Did my 3rd Run of W1 for the second week of W1 today, taking the decision to repeat W1 on the second week was the best thing for me, and I found today the easiest of them all so far and the time seemed to go quite fast as well, the only difference today was I went to help mum at her allotment so I did my run around there instead. Am going to attempt W2 R1 on Sunday and hopefully won't find it to daunting.

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Well done with keeping at it and good luck with W2r1 on Sunday - Im off to do W2 R2 tonight!

Keep at it

Maud x


Good for you. You'll feel so pleased with yourself after W2R1, having run for that bit longer.


well done you keep going :)


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