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Pain on outside ankle

I've made it through the first 4 weeks - in good, but old trainers with a bit of mild knee pain. My reward for getting this far was plucking up courage to go to a running shop and getting fitted for new running shoes. First run in them and knee much better. But I've got pain on the outside of my ankle - quite sharp when walking but no swelling. I'm wondering if tendons being stretched as my gait corrected. Any idea how long I rest it? I don't want to lose momentum - I've never managed to get this far with running before and the podcasts are fantastic.

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Im not saying put up with it, but I found that when I got properly fitted trainers it took 3 or 4 runs for the other muscles in my legs to come to terms with them. I think it was because my new trainers meant running & using muscles not normally used. my aches went away, but if yours dont you may be able to return to the shop & exchange them for something different. Im sure specialized running shops offer this service.

good luck with the rest of the plan.



thanks very much - it's been a hard week as also laid low by a nasty virus so ill in bed for several days.

But it really helps to know other people get aches and pains.

This morning I made it out to the park - still wheezy from the chest infection, ankle strapped up and somehow managed to do the week 4 run again. I'm going to do it twice more as I've had almost a week off and then head for the challenge of week 5.


I think you are right about the tendons - they are adapting to the new shoes, the rest day in between runs should hopefully be enough as you shouldn't be any damage, it is simply that your muscles and tendons are getting stretched in a new way. If it is too painful stop and go with what you feel comfortable with, but I don't think you are causing yourself an injury.


thanks very much - see other reply. I've now made it through my next run with an ankle support bandage on. I'm not sure they make any difference but it gave me the confidence to job.

A bit stiff but I can feel that if I keep on going with the rest days my ankle muscles and tendons will get used to it.


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