Couch to 5K

Cold and wet

10k this afternoon, in preperation for Lincoln next week. Now, you've got to understand that I'm running along a towpath for a good 2k of it, and that the towpath was wet, muddy and very very slippy, it was chucking it down with rain and not at all warm. But... An hour and 9 minutes! I knew I was off the pace, but that's light years away. Sigh.

I keep telling myself it's not about the pace, but it is, just a little bit. Ho hum. Still at least improvement shouldn't be too tough...

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Hey, that's not bad in those conditions! Let's hope Lincoln will be dry and warm and who knows what you'll be capable of!



One of those days for the volunteer posse!

I went out for my weekly cross country in preparation for nothing much and there is a big old hill 2k into it and I have never got up it in one go before and today I was determined it was going to be different! Today was the day! Well it was and I did get to the top then had to curl up for five minutes to recover and let the nausea sub side, then staggered on and just squeaked out 6k before calling it a day and retreating with my tail between my legs, white flag fluttering in the wind.

Character building I think they call it.


Hi Andy - what time are you aiming for for your 10k? 1hr 9 mins sounds fab to me......!


and to me!


Right now, anything even vaguely close to an hour will do.


1 hr 9 mins is brill!

I ran my first 10k this morning and finished 1hr 18. I only started running in November so I'm pretty pleased. Would be more pleased with 1hr 9 though!!


good luck with the 10k in Lincoln, you'll run past both my parents and sisters houses :)

And having spent Saturday in the company of running friends and 2 more in Rome completing the marathon there - yes it seems it's self imposed time that makes you happy - note self imposed lol - way off understanding that madness but I'm assured it will come :)


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