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Back in the groove (I hope)

During the first few weeks of C25k I was positively excited about going out for a run. However I am finding week 7 REALLY hard! It probably doesn’t help that due to other stuff going on. I’ve only done two runs/week for the last two weeks (so weeks 6 and 7 are taking me longer).

However this morning when the alarm went off at 6.30am it took me a full 29 minutes to pull my running stuff on and get out there… I was greeted by cold fog and general dampness. Ugh. I also decided to abandon Laura and the peppy running songs and listen to Radio2 breakfast show with beeps every 5mins (from iphone app - cyclemeter) so I knew how much running I had done. This was ok – but overall I was slower possibly as a result of lower bpm songs and lots of talking AND hills (week 6 run 3 and week 7 run 1 done on the flat).

HOWEVER I did it; and I kept going and now, I feel GOOD! I am so pleased that I did it even tho I found it hard. I am committed to my next run being on Saturday so I can keep up the momentum and finish week 7! Yay! Woooo! Perhaps I can motivate myself if I make enough positive noises!!

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it will get easier :)

the more you do the longer runs the easier they become. of course, we all have a bad day here or there but luckily they are very few and far between.

do you think you are missing the intervals?

hold on to todays feeling. Im sure it wont take you as long to get out there next time.

well done. you've done fantastic X


I am definitely missing the intervals - think I went faster before a break! Thanks!


Hi Clearly,

i just finished week 7 today and like you have been a bit slow on completeing weeks 6 and 7 and have found week 7 really hard. I am hopeing that it's just about getting into a rythm of running for a long time, maybe after a few more runs it'll stop being a big thing in our minds!

Lets hope it gets easier! Good luck with run 3 :)


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