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Joys of spring - starting week 2

Last night I did my first week 2 run. Wasn't as hard as I expected, and I changed my route for variety which helped. Spring time is in the air and is a great motivator!

During week 1, I decided to be brave. For the past 6 months I hadn't checked my weight. And I sucked it up last week and did a damage check. I also worked out my BMI. The bad news is I'm overweight (pretty much in the middle of the overweight range for my height, about a stone and a half to lose).

This was scary, but a great motivator to keep running! my wife already sees a difference in my body shape. And she sees a big improvement in my mood and energy levels, too. I have on-off struggles with depression and have often been told the best thing is exercise. I couldn't cope with Laura's bright and cheery disposition if I were in a bad place mood-wise, but now is the time to get into a good habit that is sustainable even if things get bad again.

Running outdoors makes all the difference, way better than a treadmill.

I even amazed myself last week, and did a few runs at 7 am. After a long dark winter, it's brilliant to see the sunshine early in the day and feel that it's easier to get up and moving!

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That great, it's amazing how this programme grabs you and with spring coming it's so much nicer to run outside. I usually run on the treadmill but yesterday did an outside run and enjoyed it so much I'll be running outside again tomorrow.

Well done on week 1, enjoy the rest of week 2 and of course the rest of the programme! :)


Thanks Minuette. You're right when you use the word 'grab' - it has been such a positive experience so far. I never thought I'd be hooked like this!


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