Couch to 5K

Week 1 Done! Week 2 starts today...eeek!

So Week 1 Run 3 was really difficult..I'd had a fair bit of wine on Friday night, and I got up for my run on Saturday morning feeling fine..but its remarkable how much dehydration can affect your run even if you feel fine! I was bounding along in run 2, but run 3 was awful..I had a big stitch and felt very unwell :(

I'm looking after my body today with lots of water and good carbohydrates. I'm terrified about week 2! Is it a big jump from week 1? Will I be able to do it?

I'm recovering better each time though- I've noticed that its taking less and less time for the aches to hopefully my core strength is improving!

Am thinking about adding some strength training in it too early to do so? Should I wait until I've completed the 5k?

Annabel xx

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Hi - well done so far. I'm on Week 3 Run 3 and can honestly say week 2 isn't a big jump at all, you should be fine. I never drink the night before a run so for example if I'm going out on a Friday but due to run Saturday I will leave the run until the Sunday instead. I do rowing machine and weights as well as the running x


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