Finished the programme, What next?

Finished the programme, What next?

Loved this podcast fantastic music and Laura was a reassuring voice when I felt like I couldnt do it. Been running 30 mins a day for the last week love it so much. But what next? I run the same route - along the lovely Southsea sea front - as the one I used in week nine so I know it is a 30 min run without timing it, I use my ipod on shuffle which is fun as can't recall half the songs that come up but I miss the structure of the programme. So I try running a little faster but thats about all. Does anyone know if there are any plans for a new podcast for the next stage? that would be good.

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  • I've finished too - well done! I am planning to increase my speed and to attempt hills (so far been running on the flat). I'm looking forward to using my own music too!

  • there is the bridge to 10k program & that is structured with "get ready to run, go" & "time to walk for a minute" type instructions.

    personally I would wait until you felt really comfortable with 30mins of running before you move up to the bridge to 10k as the first week involves 4x10min runs.

    I have the podcasts on my computer & would be happy to email them over. please "message" me with your email address.

    shelley x

  • I just kept running the week 9 programme for a few weeks to 'consolidate' and I wasn't ready to give up the routine and Laura's gentle nudges.

    Eventually I just found myself drifting into using my own music, changing my ties and paces as I grew more confident.

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