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Finished the programme BUT


Hi I wonder if anyone has the same problem like me. I finished the programme, run3 week9 but I do not run for 5k. I am to 4k. Is this normal? I will do the other podcast now, of course. But a bit disappointed.

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Hi there, Firstly congratulations on completing the programme! I graduated two weeks ago and, like you, just managed to run 4K in the 30 minutes but I was just delighted to have achieved it. I decided very early on that I would run at a speed that suited me and concentrate on getting faster after graduating. I'm still plodding! However, my runs are getting much easier and so I'm going to work on going a wee bit faster.

Well done and I'm sure that with time you'll achieve any goals that you set yourself :)


thx. and congrats to you too.


Hey gracecassar, firstly do NOT be disappointed! We applaud you for what you have done. When I think about it now, my first 5k was around 34 minutes mark, which meant I too did not run 5k in 30 minutes. For some of us, this is an additional challenge and depends on our personal circumstances. However, if you maintain your standard, keep up the hard work, remain dedicated you will no doubt improve and will be running 5k in 30 minutes - if that is what you wish to achieve. However, if you forget the time factor for now - why not run the extra kilometre and see what time that takes you to. Regardless of this, fantastic effort running 30 mins. Always remember where you started out from - I was struggling running a minute but can jog/run 30 mins as can you. In just over two months you have made significant progress. Dont be despondent - look on the positive side as you have done tremendously well! M


You can now run for 30mins nonstop!!!!!!!

Celebrate your achievement and be proud.

You should continue to run at a your comfortable pace until you feel ready for another challenge. Then why not download coach to 5k+ and give that a go. But in the meantime realise that what you have already done is amazing. :-)


Thx all for your kind support, I will certainly do the 5k+. I really enoyed the programme. I cannot stop recommending it.


Goodness me, dont you dare be disheartened! You ran for 30 MINUTES! 30! I am sending you a high 5! 4k is amazing. I graduated yesterday and covered 5k in 43:59. So there was no way I'd get to 5k in 30 mins but sod it, you can make that your next goal. For now celebrate what an amazing thing you have done! Congratulations!! :)


Well thanks. so kind of you. and well done to yourself. Well I am 53 years old afterall. High 5 to you. and thx. xxx


Yep, I agree with the others. Take the time to celebrate this success, it really is a great achievement.

I finished just short of a month ago, running just about 4k in the 30 minutes too. I took a couple of weeks to consolidate my running at 30 minutes then started to up my time. 3 days ago, I ran my first 5 k. Took just over 36 minutes and I was so chuffed. I am telling you this cos I am 56, and I think it's about building on your stamina. Reaching the 5k is definitely achievable, just takes a wee bit longer! Keep at it and you will definitely get there. In the meantime, get that graduate badge and congratulations!!!


thx lizzie for your support and info. Enjoy your running.

Just wanted to add my congratulations too - running for 30 minutes is a great achievement regardless of how far you run in that time. I'm only in week one and the thought of me being able to do that seems pretty remote just now. Well done :-)


thx you will also get there roadrunner. Have faith in yourself and do not listen to what your mind is telling you. You can do it.


well done and its great to read everyones tips, i have been a bit dispondent at how "slow" I am but the big picture is that i have nearly finished week 6 and am loving it and i intend to complete it all.

thank you all for the tips about concentrating on graduating then building speed up. that sits well with me.

Congratulations on graduating Grace. Don't worry about not getting to 5k, I don't think many people do. I think running for 30 mins is the better goal as your stamina will be building over this time. It's just that (as has been said before) "couch to 30 mins" insn't anywhere near as catchy as c25k.

Enjoy your running.


I really think these comments are a God sent. It makes you feel like you are not around in this huge wide world. Thx for your comments all and you kind encouragement.


Thanks everyone. Was a bit despondent that was too slow. Will go for the time duration first then work on the speed outside when the weather improves. Have resorted to the treadmill in the gymn for weeks 5 and 6. Am real wimp with this bad weather!


You have done well.To do 5k in 30 mins you have to run at a pace of 10 km/ hour.You are about 20% below that. Just try and improve slowly using other appropriate programmes in incremental steps.


Congratulations on graduating! Yeah!

C25K, I think we all agree, is a bit of a misnomer but it is catchier than C2 30 minutes which is what the programme really does. I graduated several weeks ago. I now fairly regularly run 5K (with a fair wind!) but I will never do it in less than 30 minutes. That's just me. I still feel fitter and healthier than I have in decades - thanks to this programme. You'll run 5K very soon. Just enjoy the achievement of 30 minutes for a while.

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