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Week 6 over.......and officially a runner!!

Ok. Week 6 done. The scary 25 min was completed, although I found the last couple of mins very hard. Ran my usual route past two farms (no nearly-naked farmer this morning, thank goodness, not sure how much of that I could take) and down towards the river. Laura told me I'd been going for 12 1/2 mins before I actually got to the river, but that will be my goal next week. I've figured that, for me at least, setting little goals and challenges is a good way to keep me motivated. I've signed up fo the York 3 mile Sports Relief run on 25th March, and my aim is to do that in around 33 mins. We'll see.

The other news this morning was that Laura informed me that all the runs now are all continuous and no walking bit in the middle. She also told me that I was now officially a runner as I could go 25mins non stop. Me, a runner? God, that sounded so good after all these weeks of effort. Laura, I could've kissed you.....

Anyway, off now for well deserved shower and then off to work. Good luck to everyone else running today.

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Well done Daran it is a great feeling isn't it being able to run for 25 minutes! I've been smiling all week as I've now done 3 runs at 25 mins...last one on Sunday / Monday depending on when I get back from the weekend away.

Good luck with week7!!!


Hi there. you guessed Id be on here soon after you had told me about it ! I think it is fantastic the progress you have made... I look foward to reading your posts on here, take care x




And I did it today and loved it and found it so comfy once I got my pace sorted!

We are real runners! Woop woop!!


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