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Month off

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After seeking professional advice from physio I have to give up me running for a month to strengthen the muscle on me right knee as been painful whilst running

10 Replies
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Sorry to hear this. Think if this month off as an investment in your future running. Take your exercises really seriously. Exercise in other ways if your physio is happy with that. You’ll come back in a good position when you restart. Good luck to you.

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Andy6659Graduate in reply to MissUnderstanding

Yer she said to getva bile and use my home gym to help with the knee

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Sorry you need the break but glad to hear you are taking the advice. 👍

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Sorry to hear this but a very wise move. I gave up in November till after Christmas to give my grumbling hip a rest and 🤞🤞🤞atm it seems to have worked. Just finished W2 of C25k as I thought I would return slowly rather than upset that hip again. Enjoy your rest. The runs will be there for you when your knee is ready.

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Andy6659Graduate in reply to Scruff55

Well I hope so but as I know I have osteoarthritis anyway so need to do wat I can

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I feel you.

My right knee has been hurting since November and the entire upper leg got so painful that I was unable to use stairs. Managed to do very, very few shorter runs (15 or 20 minutes) with the last run on New Year's Day. After seeing an otheopath and going to physio I finally managed to have a breakthrough by doing deep stretches and seeing a chiropractor.

Hope your knee will be better and stronger soon.

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Andy6659Graduate in reply to Wawacito

Thank u x only issue is that I had to have to left knee replacement due to the osteoarthritis so doing all I can to prevent that

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WawacitoGraduate in reply to Andy6659

All fingers crossed that the exercises by your physio work well and that your right knee will be better soon.

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It’s very frustrating but you are doing the right thing. I had to have 2 lots of 6 weeks off due to knee injury, (not caused by running), stupidly I went straight back into running after the first time and found it very hard. I am now at week 6 again. having gone back to week 4 after the last injury. Take it steady when you start back

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Cheers as I have said in other post it's mainly cos of me arthritis that's giving me the grief but as ur probably know that doesn't go away

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