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best running shoes under £50?

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best running shoes for less than £50?

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The trouble is, which running shoes will suit someone best is entirely personal to them. You’re best heading to a local running shop and asking them to help you out. They’ll look at the way you run and make some suggestions. They should also be used to a range of budgets and there are lots of sale bargains to be had at the moment.

There’s a helpful post here you might like to read…

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huffpuffnplod in reply to MissUnderstanding

Thanks that helps. I should have been a bit less hasty in posting and taken the trouble to search other posts first!

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MissUnderstandingAdministrator in reply to huffpuffnplod

Questions are always welcome! I didn’t clock you were new here-welcome! Wishing you lots of success with the programme and happy new shoes!

I’ll just take the opportunity to point you towards our most helpful post…the programme guide! Most important is keeping it slow and steady at a pace where you can talk in full sentences without gasping.  Most of us go too fast! Recovery days between runs are absolutely essential too.

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If £50 is your budget, then go to your local SportsDirect (yuk) and try a load on.

Also, have a look at, and Amazon and filter by price.

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huffpuffnplod in reply to John_W

Thanks John. Have decided to get a few weeks done (only just completed W1D1) before committing, as the experience may influence my purchasing decision!

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mwoody46 in reply to huffpuffnplod

Hi, so I am at the end of week 2 now. On W1R2 my old (and I mean old) trainers fell apart, the whole sole fell off one. I had another pair of trainers that I used to (a long time ago) wear for squash. I tried running in these but they destroyed the back of my feet (a week later the blisters are still healing). My point is that I believe the right shoes is very important and therefore I really think you should try them before you buy and not buy online. This also doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. I went to SportsDirect and ended up spending £50. I didn’t want to spend much more than this in case I end up quitting running (not that I currently plan to) but I said to myself I would wait at least a year before spending more. I did first go to a specialist running shop but the one I went into really didn’t have anything under £100 which was why I went to Sport Direct. I tried on the usual brands such as Nike, but then the assistant pointed me to Sketchers. I must say I have done 2 runs in them so far and am very happy. They are light, have a good bounce in the soles which reduces the impact of running, but also have good support around my feet. My wife was skeptical about whether Sketchers was a good choice (and maybe some people might comment here) but for me, I am no Mo Farah and ultimately my feet are now comfortable.

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huffpuffnplod in reply to mwoody46

Thanks mwoody46. From hiking a lot I can say that comfortable, fit for purpose footwear makes all the difference. A rubbing heel or squashed toe, etc, is torture after a few miles!

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ChinkoflightGraduate in reply to mwoody46

Hi mwoody46 Skechers are very comfortable from the off but I found in the pair I had, had poor structural stability and wore holes under the foot pressure points within a couple of months, a problem I have never had in 69 years of shoe wearing! I also have wide feet and a high arch. It is worth looking online on the brand's own shops for a much wider choice of shoe with good technical info. They often offer a greater range of sizes and many shoes come in a width fitting too. They offer fitting guidance from the customer feedback, ie fits true to size, wider, narrower with good sample sizes. I found Adidas sizing works well for me, they have fitted out of the box, descriptions on running style are accurate they often run offers and reductions in the app, I think Nike etc do the same. Wear and durability has been great.

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DylanTheRabbitGraduate in reply to huffpuffnplod

This is a good idea. I did the first couple of weeks along a road, but quickly realised that the nicest routes near me are off road.

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huffpuffnplod in reply to DylanTheRabbit

Thanks DylanTheRabbit. My first run was alongside a busy road on an incline with artic lorries and cars producing unhealthy emissions going up hill and doubtless producing brake dust going down hill - all inhaled deeply as I gasped for breath!

Am thinking countryside trails are the way to go......

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DylanTheRabbitGraduate in reply to huffpuffnplod

Yes, doesn't sound like the most pleasant! I do end up alongside roads a bit more when it's dark and muddy, but definitely prefer the trails.

At the risk of dishing out advice that wasn't asked for - if you are literally gasping for breath, you should slow down. This is the single most useful piece of advice that I picked up from this forum and was absolutely key to me completing C25K and actually enjoying running for the first time.

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Hi huffpuffnplod , I'd also add that Decathlon do some decent own brand shoes under £50. Runner's World reviewed them back in October:

However, they're probably best when you know what you're looking for, as the sales staff won't be in a position to offer you gait analysis or the sort of advice you'd get from a specialisist running shop.

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huffpuffnplod in reply to Cmoi

Thanks Cmoi

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Sportpursuit website has good selection of running shoes discounted by 50, 60 percent.

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huffpuffnplod in reply to Bigdutch59

Thanks Bigdutch59, can't seem to log onto their website, will keep trying

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I've bought several pairs of trainers over the years in the sales and just looking at the 'odd pairs' shelves where they have older models they are trying to shift. You could even ask about 'last year's model'. Lots of sports shops have a shelf of these. Don't be afraid to ask. Good luck!

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huffpuffnplod in reply to KathBils

Thank you KathBils, will keep that in mind

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I bought a cheap pair of ASICS when I first tried running. I then put them in a cupboard...for 10 years until I found C25K. They were great for 6 months, after which I got a gait analysis and another pair of ASICS.Obviously I don't recommend a 10 year rest interval 😁

Good luck!

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huffpuffnplod in reply to Yesletsgo

Thanks Yesletsgo

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I'm still in a pair of Nike Revolution from Sports Direct. I find them great compared to the Nike Tennis shoes I was using at the start. (Sole fell off those, too).

I am just at this point of looking at Gait Analysis and a 'Proper' pair. But, the nearest is 50 miles, so...

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huffpuffnplod in reply to MrBassmanjazz

Thanks MrBassmanjazz. Yes am getting the message that gait analysis is the way to go

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Another vote for Decathlon from me. My first pair were Asics and purchased on the grounds of comfort. It was great to try on different shoes and then go for the ones I felt best in.

Those lasted me over a year. When I finally knew I would continue running I went to a running shop, had a gait analysis and came out with a terrific pair of Brookes. Soooooo comfortable 😊

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huffpuffnplod in reply to Parcelrunner

Thanks Parcelrunner.

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Hi, I'm at same stage of the c25k as you and I'm wearing New Balance running shoes (around £50, which I'd previously bought for brisk walking). Once I've graduated and know whether I'll be keeping up running, I'm going to get gait analysis done and see what shoes I should be wearing! 😊 Good Luck 🍀 with the programme and happy shoe shopping!👟

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huffpuffnplod in reply to Finding_Fitness

Thanks Finding_Fitness. Yes just finished W1 and done it in Merrel Moab 3 GTX's which I had found very supportive for walking, but not so ideal for running. Will see how progress goes, then get gait analysis and treat myself to a pair of 'proper running shoes'. Following all the advice on this forum.

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