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Trying too hard

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My ankle has been hurting for the last 10 days after a parkrun! I wasn't sure why as I hadn't twisted or strained it and I had had no swelling etc I managed to get to see a nurse at my doctors yesterday and after a quick check over from her to make sure nothing was broken she said she thinks I have just stretched a ligament! I'm 54yrs old and only been running 5 months or so! She told me to just take painkillers and remember that I'm not 18 anymore lol I haven't been able to run for 2 weeks but I'm going to the local parkrun on Saturday to just have a nice steady jog around it and not try for a new pb for a couple of weeks lol

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Bummer. Just to note, we have a sister forum Strength & Flexibility , and this keeps many of runners, that happen to find themselves on the injury couch, occupied.

Link :

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Thanks for letting me know! I will have a look at that

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