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Trying to get fit!!

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Aged 51 male, just started my 5th week of Couch to 5k, can’t say it’s easy, but fingers crossed I will get there. Hoping to do my first 5 k Park run in a month or 2 !!

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Welcome to the program and forum .Have you read the program guide ?

I started at age 63 having never run before ! So I can tell you the program works !

Enjoy your runs

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JB6978 in reply to Instructor57

Well that was a lot of good information, but I’m sure it will benefit me too, it all helps.

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I'm aiming on the 30 minutes and then building to the 5k and have also looked at local park run events but not ready yet but setting goals as long as they are realistic is good. Follow the program and you will get there

Hello there, I’m now on wk7 and I’ve had some runs where I’ve not quite made it and found it tough so I repeated those and other runs where I really enjoyed them and made it, the program really does work, go for the park run as it’s such a lovely atmosphere and it really doesn’t matter if you have to walk a bit too! I found going slower really worked for me and upping my water intake as I’m rubbish at that but it made a difference to my stamina, I haven’t quite conquered running in the rain yet tho…

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Hi JB 6978.

Just to give you inspiration that it can be done. I'm 54; smoker; drinker and curry eater; had a heart attack in March; started Couch in April having never ran before and was 2 stone overweight.

Having completed the program and consolidated for about 8 weeks i am now knocking out Parkruns one week and volunteering the next. Im currently building up to 10k.

Go for it. The program really works.

I am fitter than i have ever been and so much more healthier.

It has changed my life completely and the folks on this forum will give you all the advice and support you need.

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JB6978 in reply to Alan99

Bloody hell, well done! Well I’m not a smoker or drinker, but do love a curry, so I’ve got a chance lol I do feel more energetic since I started, as for the 10k, I will see how the 5k goes first! Thanks for the reply too.

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Alan99Graduate in reply to JB6978

I should clarify and say ex smoker, and much reduced drinker following my cardiac event. Good luck with the program. I am sure you can do it. 👍

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Nothing worth doing is "easy"! It will absolutely be worth it! Give it time and you will see fantastic results 👍🏻😁

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I was just a year younger than you when I started C25K, never thought I would complete it, but stuck with it and still running two years later, so definitely possible - keep going!

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JB6978 in reply to Ant50

I intend to stick with it, well done to u by the way too.

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