The final certificate for The goose is getting fit Xmas quest πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

The final certificate for The goose is getting fit Xmas quest  πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Happy New Year everybody, and a huge well done for those of you who completed the quest :)

poppypug has launched the new quest today which is perfect timing for the new I am just thinking about my own goals for this one!

Here is the Quest certificate. It is not as good as Realfoodieclub 's Autumn one as I am not a graphic person at all ( sorry!).

You can download it, print it or just look at at. Every quest there will be a new one so you could end up with a collection of quest images. If you print them off be sure to write your achievements on the back.

It's totally up to you if you have done enough to earn it. I personally think if you have been interacting with this forum for the time you have earned it, even if you've been struggling with things like injury, weather or mojo because it shows you still have a dedication to running and are doing everything you can. Some might like to make it a bit more draconian for themselves , that is totally up to you. The most important thing is you make the certificates a positive thing whichever way you want to view "your carrot", and if it's not your thing at all feel free to totally ignore it πŸ˜€.

For those who are new to digital images.

iPad, iPhone, tablets. Press on the image with your finger until it says save and then save it.

For lap tops and desktops right click the image and press save and then choose where to save it to.

I hope you like it.



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  • This is a lovely certificate thanks ju-ju!

    I am happy with how my quest went:

    Complete 2 parkruns βœ”οΈ I have also volunteered twice βœ”οΈπŸ˜ƒ

    Maintain strengthening exercises for my kneeβœ”οΈ

    Glute exercises, 60 bridges per weekβœ”οΈ

    Extend distance to 6.5k βœ–οΈ Did not manage this due to being on IC, but I am now back up to 5k which has been hard work but worth itπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • I would say thats excellent... well done :)

  • It's a great certification don't put yourself down. I'm going to claim this certificate, my aim was to keep going over the last six weeks and I think I manged that even with a poorly sacroiliac joint, been working on my Glutes as well.

  • well done.... impressed re glutes too I am so rubbish at that!!

  • I think I earned mine. After a rocky start due to illness and only running once per week I was able to step it up by the end of the quest. Six out of six Parkruns for me, two as tailrunner.

  • brilliant, well done you!!

  • I think that this is such a pretty certificate that I am going to print it off and I am going to put my name on it. Despite being on the IC, I have been trying to motivate fellow runners when I can and make some of them laugh or smile, so for that reason and the fact that it's so pretty, I'm claiming it! Thank you JuJu and I wish you and your family a very happy new year! πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

  • I would say you definately deserve it and you are such a fantastic motivator too :)

  • You're the sweetest of sweeties! πŸ€— Thank you! 😊

  • My name is GoogleMe and I claim my certificate!

    My chief goal for this quest was to re-embed a daily yoga practice in my life after going a bit wobbly on it. I defined success as doing 6 or 7 days on 5 out of the 6 weeks and 5 out of 7 in no more than one of the weeks. Several weeks I managed 7/7 and I made the very happy discovery of yoga by candlelight. So... success in my eyes. The final week was technically only 4/7 days but I have been into the valley of death that is the common cold as defined by a GP on the NHS website. If you would bend down to pick up a Β£10 note, it isn't flu. As someone whose household income is rather lower I jolly well would... but might well stay on the floor with it. Thanks to my purple friend I know that my resting heart rate... normally sub-60 has been as much as 115. Common it may be but it is uncommonly unpleasant

    I kept running, including on Christmas Day although the final week has seen no runs (obvs. and that's just sensible. I should note that other members of my family with the same bug have not been sensible).

    No swimming, no cycling... and I didn't do the full Strength and Flexibility podcast, just wasn't motivated. I just prefer the yoga!

    Another key goal was for my weight to be under 68kgs. Well, my weight has been all over the place! But I am happy to report that I have started the New Year not overweight which was really the idea, so that's that goal satisfied in spirit.

    Thanks ju-ju- for your first Quest administration. That's a fine certificate which allows the individual to give prominence to their achievements. Now to ponder poppypug's offering for the New Year....

  • I would say thats excellent, and huge well done on the weight too... I am off to add my goals to poppypug 's quest.... looking forward to it :)

  • Yes! I'm claiming mine! I went to the place I wanted to see, (chalk pits) I ran the distance I set myself, (12KM - I did 13) , I just didn't do the two together - I think that's a successful quest though!

  • brilliant, well done you thats a great distance and those chalk pits looked amazing :)

  • Well, I kept changing my plan but I think I have settled on what I want to do now.

    I did run three times a week until we went away for New Year, as expected I didn't run at all (but did a few short walks). The timing of the break was good though, as my left knee was a bit uncomfortable, due to the overdoing it a bit on my last asics run plus going a little bit too fast in the parkrun (although I did enjoy it, running with three other people. I came in last but with a PB).

    I volunteered as tailrunner, enjoyed that too.

    The asics plan is not for me, I wisely didn't make the jump from 5km to 7km.

    So on balance, although I didn't quite do what I set out to do which was my Bridge to 5 miles, I had a good few weeks and look forward to the next Quest

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