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Where to get running shoes fitted?


I’ve just finished week 1 at the age of 71! Why did I wait so long? I love to hear Sarah Millicam’s voice over my playlist for the day and - so far so good. But I wear a pair of very old (15 years) and battered trainers. Can anyone advise where to get new shoes fitted in London? Starting week 2 tomorrow! I find all the posts here encouraging 😎

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Well done you. I started on this 5 weeks ago at the age of 61 so you have something on me! I have decided to take my time and repeat weeks until I’m comfortable, currently on W3, for the second time! Like you I started out with an ancient pair of trainers but I took a friend’s advice and got measured at the SweatShop in Maidstone. They put you on a running machine to access your gait and fit you with proper shaped insoles. Not cheap but I feel a lot more confident now. Not sure if they have a branch in London but would recommend. Good luck!

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Thanks Neelie13! I’ll take your advice of adapting the programme rather than being too rigid about it - may even repeat Week1!

That’s fantastic- doesn’t it feel good! I aren’t that keen on running yet, but I love the finish - it’s what keeps me going! Good luck xx

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Yes Daftclare, can’t say I actually enjoy all of it yet, but I do like being out early in the mornings and seeing herons and swans on the lake!


Well done! Hope you enjoy it, take it easy and slow and you won't believe how quickly this C25k plan turns you into a runner.

Now about the shoes, first of all well done for looking for proper running shoes, it is the most important piece of kit and will help keep you running injury free.

The general advice is to go to a proper running shop, where they will watch you run on a treadmill and let you try several pairs of shoes until you find one that feels good. Take your time and only buy the shoes that feel right. Bargains can be had even in the most expensive shops by getting last year's models, and if you let them know up front what your budget is they should be able to accommodate.

There are several branches of SweatShop in London, and another chain is RunnersNeed - I have bought shoes from both and they're fine, it obviously depends on who's working on the day. There's also several smaller independent shops, which tend to be better (but more expensive). I know a few in the City of London and in Kent - not sure whereabouts in London you're looking but most areas will have one.

Best of luck with your runs and well done again for starting!

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Thanks GeorgiosA - a lot of advice emphasises the importance of comfort, too - which i’m Listening to!


Google ‘gait analysis near me’ 👌🏽

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I did, and it’s come up with some good options! Thanks.

Well done! Good luck with the programme :)

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Thank you Ellie - I think I’ll need a little bit of luck too.

I use a chain called Sweat Shop they really know what they are doing and will never sell you a pair of shoes that don’t suit your needs

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Thanks, Scubandy, good to know!

I got mine at RunnersNeed at Moorgate / Liverpool Street London. They have a gait analysis set up. 👍

Thanks Robert - they’re handy for me too - i’ll Give them a try.


Congratulations for starting the journey Latecomer! What a lovely photo. 😍 So pleased to see your obvious enjoyment and there’s more to come 😉. I don’t live in London, but I’m sure others will be along to help. Welcome to the forum. The people on here is what makes this such a special experience. I hope you enjoy every moment on this journey. ❤️

Hi Fabulous450,

I so agree with you about the forum! I already feel part of a community - mainly because so many people are so honest about their experience. As for the photo - I didn’t mean to post a big one just trying to use it as a thumbnail, but pressed the wrong button! Feeling hopeful! Thanks!

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Latecomer

Post it big Latecomer! You’ve a lot to be proud of!! 😁😁! Have fun! You can do it! 😁❤️


Decathalon are good and their shoes are well priced. Though it is worth spending money on a decent shoe.

Runnersneeds I rate a lot the staff are knowledgeable and won'the try to sell you the most expensive shoe. Both do gait analysis.


Wherever you go do NOT get your trainers from the Marathon Shop on Bishopsgate (nr Liverpool Street). You would have thought a shop associated with marathons would know what they were talking about, they didn’t and wouldn’t exchange as I had used the trainers.

I got the ones I run in now at Runners Need; I ran on a treadmill and the guy spoke to me about my experience, what I wanted to achieve, what my feet are like (wide), etc..

So I would definitely recommend Runners Need. They have lots of branches in London.

Good luck with your running!

Latecomer in reply to Helein

Thank you everyone! Well most of you are recommending Runners Need so will try them. Just done W2R1 - laughed out loud when Sarah Millicam said ‘Well done, flower!’ At the end.

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Latecomer

Brilliant you!! Well done!! 😁❤️


Hello latecomer, everyone seems to have answered your running shoes question. I went for an independent runners shop recommended by local runners , but live nowhere near London.

Regarding c25k, there is really no need to repeat a run or a week so long as you completed the run. It doesn’t matter how slow or how puffed out you got. The program is designed brilliantly to get you to 30 mins in 9 weeks- just trust it. I started at 60 and was totally amazed.

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Thanks for that tip, Dexy5. I already feel like a different person, even at Week 2!

Dexy5Graduate in reply to Latecomer

You are a different person and every you know will be totally amazed that you are now a runner. I sometimes have a chuckle to myself that I have proved a lot of people wrong about it being bad for my knees. It’s the best thing I ever did for them.

Good luck with w3

Thank you Dexy5 - almost didn’t go yesterday morning cos running late - but so glad I did! Will keep on keeping on ...

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