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Graduation week!!!!


Mixed feelings about w9r1, I thought I was really going to enjoy this week but I kind of already have the “so what now” feeling and it’s making me not enjoy my runs. I am really proud of the progress I made and impressed with myself but in the same time I don’t feel I have it in me to run like a 10k for example and feel like once I finish C25K I will be lost. Hope next one feels better. A little snap from my village 😊 hope everyone is doing well 🤗

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Let's get you to that 3rd run 👍 then onto to those consolidation runs we'll keep you running

ele123Graduate in reply to Imc50

Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


You don't have to run 10k.

You don't have to do anything, but the ability to run is the passport to all sorts of fun and adventures that were previously unavailable to you.

Relax, enjoy your graduation week knowing that this is just the beginning of your running career.

Where you will go with it you may not know..........that is the exciting bit.

ele123Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you, it’s defo something I don’t take for granted that I got all the way here, perhaps a bit sad that is over. But as you adventures


The monthly Consolidation Club exists for graduates who are feeling lost


Parkrun is back soon! That’s a real motivator 😊

You need to learn to run because you can, not because you’ve got to go further or faster. Enjoy each run for what it is.

ele123Graduate in reply to Tasha99

Thank you! Hope next one will feel better 🤗


There’s lots of things you can do after graduating!

Have you got the Nike run club app? If not have a look at it - it’s free and there’s a whole load of choice on there. There’s guided runs for many times & distances.

You could just try running whilst listening to music or podcasts... you might just enjoy a 30min run without the talking.

You could form a plan to increase to 5k if you didn’t get there in week 9, there’s posts and guidance on this forum on how to do it safely.

There’s plans on Bridge to 10K if you want to start running towards the 10K distance at some point down the line.

Join Park run, then you’ll have something to work towards once a week.

Don’t worry about what’s next, 9 weeks ago you probably didn’t think you could do this programme... who knows what you might be doing in a further 9 weeks.

For now just enjoy the week 9 runs. You’ve worked hard to get to this point and you should celebrate your achievement. 🤩

ele123Graduate in reply to SassyF

Thanks for the encoragement! I have the Nike app and will defo give it a try, but what I am really hoping is to increase to 10 k one day, it’s just a struggle with 5 and yeah kind of seems impossible so I think I am just lacking the motivation or think I won’t be able to do it without the app 😂😂😂 I get attached to stuff and I think the app is one of those things that I got attached too. It’s of course more of a mental issue than physical for sure because I am capable physically. Anyways, was just a meh run and here’s me causing drama. And my medal hasn’t arrived yet so stressed it won’t be here by Sat 😂😂😂 taka care and thanks again for the kind words 🤗🤗🤗

nowsterGraduate in reply to ele123

Getting to 10k is definitely possible. Don't expect to do it overnight. It took me about six months with some setbacks.

After 10k longer distances become achievable.

ele123Graduate in reply to nowster

I’m sure it’s possible, I think today I’ve expected that in week 9 I will fly and yet I still dragged and felt discouraged a bit. But all you nice people here helped me feel better so thank you 😊


WhAt a fab route ! I felt like this on week 7. Now I’ve decided to just keep repeating week 9 when I get to consolidation. I’ve read a lot of good things about the Nike app too

ele123Graduate in reply to Badrun

That’s a good plan too repeating week 9 actually! Might try it if I feel I miss the app. This is the thing we have good ones and bad ones what can we do, mentally wasn’t great as I was stuck in the house with a toddler all day so had no more life left in me I guess😂😂. It’s the Isle of Man, beautiful place but feeling slightly claustrophobic now that we’ve been more or less stuck with the pandemic 😭

BadrunGraduate in reply to ele123

I can imagine. I’ve been stuck for almost a year with very noisy and battling boys aged 11 and 9. What a year ! We can end on a high tho !

ele123Graduate in reply to Badrun

Yes I am glad my little girl is not at homeschooling age because I did say that parents that had to do that deserve a medal. I bet that’s what drove you to run instead of climbing the walls 😂😂😂 hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel will come soon for us all 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

I was a bit like you. After putting off the temptation of skipping a day out of my usual weekend break. It was a bit of a non-run to me as well. Perhaps I ate too much Sunday dinner the day before. Who knows.I'm back to it tomorrow. Hopefully with a more enjoyable run.

Hopefully you won't be too far behind me.

Good luck.

ele123Graduate in reply to Skyblueandblack

Thanks skyblueandblack, I did indulge this weekend in all sorts too that’s for sure! Maybe that’s what it was! But it’s normal I guess to feel like this on certain days. I hope you enjoy your run tommorow! I am planning my last run for Sat. Looking forward to seeing your graduation post 😊😊😊

SkyblueandblackGraduate in reply to ele123

Just noticed the flag in your photo. I've an old Manx friend. He was a yacht skipper just retired, lives part time in IoM and the rest in a warmer climate. Hopefully we both stay on programme


ele123Graduate in reply to Skyblueandblack

Ah cool maybe you’ll come visit him one day and we can do a 5k 😂😂😂 it’s a great little place, I am romanian myself but came here 11 years ago and never left! But yes we are so close and should be proud of ourselves! 😊😊😊


Just done W9 run 2... I’ve made my plan; going to keep repeating with the app for at least one more week to prove to myself I won’t stop without Michael in my ear and focus on improving my pace. Will join Parkrun as soon as I can. I changed my music and my route and that really helped reduce the drag factor!!

ele123Graduate in reply to Squishy16

Good idea, I’ll make some new exciting playlist 👏👏👏

Hi ele123. I'm certainly no expert as only just graduated myself. I guess you need a motivational tool in your head. Mine is keeping the image of the debilitating disease Rob Burrow is going through and his friend Kevin Sinfield running 7 marathons in 7 days! If he can do that then we can definitely run for 30 mins.

I've just signed up for Race For Life and will hopefully be doing other events to keep up fitness and motivation.

Btw... love the IOM and Laxy. Run the TT course 😀. All the best.

ele123Graduate in reply to Rayblade900

Thank you! My motivation is slightly more shallow....I feel a bit better about eating whatever I want too when I run. So I run to eat. But having images of buttered bread and cheese and cake in my head is not enough sometimes. 😂😂 Imagine having to run the TT course hahahahahahaahhaha.NO 😳


Firstly, my heartiest congratulations on reaching W9. That in itself is quite an achievement and one of which you should be immensely proud. Not everyone whos starts C25K get to that point.Secondly - you DO NOT need to run any further or faster. Sticking at 5K will undoubtedly serve you well, and as others have said, Parkruns will soon be back. So, if that is your thing, there are masses of courses to try; some flat, some hilly and some in-between.

Whatever you do, no one can take away the fact that YOU and YOU ALONE have succeeded in this.

ele123Graduate in reply to newbie-nick

Thank you! I feel proud for sure but I feel the challenge is over and felt a bit lost. I will definetly carry on with 5k’s because I don’t want to lose what I have achieved! Maybe in time I will realise that’s all I need! 😊😊

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to ele123

There is nothing wrong with sticking to 5Ks. Many people never reach the end of C25K for so many reasons, but you have, and that is worth celebrating and worth continuing with.Consolidation runs are the immediate way forward, and then it is down to you whether you do those every other day or go longer twixt runs. One thing is certain though, don't try running daily for about 12 months.

ele123Graduate in reply to newbie-nick

I’m not going to run daily but I have a friend who does and I was just curious why is it not ok? Thanks 😊

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to ele123

Apparently, it is all to do with muscle fibre recovery. It takes time for the old pins to get accustomed to unaccustomed exercise such as running, and it takes a while for the muscle to adapt.Happy running!


" I don’t feel I have it in me to run like a 10k for example "

Why? And how did you feel about running 5k before starting C25K?

ele123Graduate in reply to John_W

You’re right! I probably can....I was just expecting to have a bit more spring in my step by week 9 and I don’t so that made me feel like a 10k would be impossible! Just one of those runs I guess where you have a lot of negative thoughts in your head 🤪


Hi Ele! :) I graduated in early March and since then I have continued doing 30 minute jogs 2 or 3 times a week (basically repeating Week 9!) If you had said to me at the beginning of January that I would be jogging 30 mins 2/3 times a week by March, I would not have believed you! 😄 This programme you have undertaken is providing a great foundation to push on if you want to. My next goal will be to convert those 30 minute jogs (averaging 3.8k) into 5k jogs. But like others have said, ENJOY your graduation week first and bask in what you have achieved before planning the next 'step' 🏆😃🏃‍♂️

ele123Graduate in reply to Globojim888

I will certainly carry on with the 30 minutes and maybe add like 5 minutes or something every month to keep it challenging 😊😊😊 but yes we have achieved something great and won’t take that for granted. I already feel like a winner! 😬😬😬

I graduated back in November and have just been doing shorter runs 3 times a week between 3.5-5k which suits me fine, I don't think I'll ever get to 10k and not too worried at the moment as just enjoying running. I kept thinking I needed to try to get there and then thought why am I putting pressure on myself? I've started doing the NHS 5k graduate plan which is just a bit of comfort to have someone there to motivate you. Well done and keep going 😊

ele123Graduate in reply to Speedydonzalez

You are right! We do this us humans, we put pressure on ourselves for no reason. I will try to enjoy it and not think about 10k anymore! 🤗🤗🤗

I remember feeling the same. My son put me onto Nike Run Club and I never looked back. After you finish C25K just enjoy running I didn’t do a set number of consolidation runs but I find 30. /35 min run really enjoyable I don’t worry too much about distance covered as I vary the route and gradient etc

ele123Graduate in reply to GK66

I will give the Nike app a try as a lot of people suggested it 😊


I felt the same ! I recently posted a similar question. I completed week 9 then felt lost. No motivation no plan to stick to. Michael said his goodbyes and I didn’t know what to do. Still a bit unsure if you should stick to 30 mins or try and get faster. Anyway I took one persons advice and kept listening to week 9. Still did 5 min walks and 30 min runs. Still not at 5k in 30 mins so I’ll keep going. But I’d try to keep listening to plan if that’s been helping you

ele123Graduate in reply to Golf2106

Yeah you do feel lost and I still have 2 runs to go! I will take every advice into consideration and see what works best for me, so I will try week 9 a few times, the Nike app and also just 30 minutes and relaxed runs that I will enjoy. Don’t know about park runs yet here but I will try to find out. Thank you and hope you find a way for yourself too 😊😊😊


Well done on reaching week 9! Amazing 😊. I felt the same way, and a bit lost too at graduation, but it really is a stepping stone to do many other fab things. I ran with Michael J for a few weeks after, then started looking round for other things I could do. For me the Nike Run Club app is superb, well worth a look. Once you’ve consolidated, why not give it a whirl. This is just the beginning 🏃‍♀️.

ele123Graduate in reply to Frenc

Thank you! It is an achievement and something I never thought I would be able to do. But here I am! As everyone else said : new adventures are just around the corner! I already downloaded this app as everyone said such great things about it and I am quite excited now to try it! 😊😊😊

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