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It’s been a while!

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It’s certainly been a while since I posted here. I started C25k at the end of May, finishing around the end of July.

I’ve then done a month of running maybe twice a week, the occasional 3 times. Then I finished writing my MSc dissertation and weirdly this seems to be the point where my running’s stopped!

Last run was 26th August, and even then those runs had only been a couple of 2ks (leg was sore and didn’t want to risk injury).

Today I went back to the gym where I first started running (not very successfully) over a year ago. I did my 5 minute walk then started running.

35 minutes and 20ish seconds later, I’d done the 5k. I think it was my 3rd or 4th 5k where I’ve ran the whole distance.

What surprised me was how much easier it was than I thought it was going to be. One of the reasons I put off going back out again I guess. I thought it was going to be dreadful, running out of breath quickly and not being able to run for too long. What happened was the complete opposite, my breathing was good, my pace was good, I even enjoyed myself a little.

Really happy I went out and did it, it’s definitely reminded me why I started running in the first place.

I guess my point is, no matter where you are in the programme, whether you’ve just started, you’re on week 4, you’ve graduated recently, you’ve graduated a year ago, if you have to take a break or want to take a break, don’t worry about going back out there for the first time again. You’ll be fine!

(One of the biggest issues for me has been having some sort of structure for after graduation, the Nike run club app is really good for guided runs and you can set up a structure for a ‘race’ which will also help speed and stamina too).

Happy Wednesday (hump day)

Heather x

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Well done 💪👍😃🏃‍♀️

Thank you 😄

Absolutely agree!!

At least you are wanting to get back in to it and carry it on. You’ve still got the right “can do” mindset. Sometimes we just need a rest from everything and to get back on track.

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Sortyourlife in reply to

This is true! Hopefully I’ll get properly back into it now.

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Well done , good run and a very good post.. it is ok to take a break and gives the body and muscles time to recover, repair and get stronger ..

Pretty good time for 5K too 😊😊

Thank you!

And yes very true. I properly struggled the last couple of times I went out just with something niggling at the top of my leg. Didn’t have any of that today so maybe I’ve just given everything time to heal!

And thank you, I’m definitely slower outside but it was nice not to have to worry about pace today and just let the treadmill do it for me. The downside is trying not to get bored!

Top result, well done.

Thank you! Hope you’re doing well.

Hoping you’re still running? What are you up to post MSc? All the best x

I’m trying but definitely slowed. Started doing the job I’ve wanted to do and love it!

I got engaged at the start of October, we’ve picked a venue and date and booked the big things, now it’s time for me to start losing the weight to look amazing! Need a plan in place to stick to really 😩

I’ve started cooking a lot more which I think has definitely helped. Just need to get back some sort of exercise routine 😔

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BaddieThePirateGraduate in reply to Sortyourlife

Congratulations on job and engagement! Maybe a quick zip back through C25K until you find a comfortable level then on to Bridge to 10km? We’re all behind you!

Having a wedding arranged and a dress to look fabulous in is great motivation for getting fit, no?

Definitely! And I think once I start again I’ll really feel motivated! I just need to work out a schedule around work, shouldn’t be too hard :)

Don’t forget to post occasionally once you’re back out there so we can cheer you on 👍😊

Heyyy so I went to the gym tonight, all the treadmills were taken though so I did 30 minutes of the intermediate fat burning program on the cross trainer instead.

Once I’d finished that a few treadmills were free so I did do a little bit of running whilst waiting for my partner to finish up, but started to get cramp in my leg so just walked quickly for a bit instead 😂

Great start, well done!

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