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w2 r2. . . .getting over hurdles or at least round them!!

Been for w2 r2 today and managed to keep jogging even when people appeared. I run early to avoid people, buses, and traffic so was a bit put off but managed to ignore and carry on without feeling completely stupid - who else avoids other people when they run? does it get easier to run without being self conscious? Its great to have started and i have been infatuated with c25k since starting - have to be patient - has anyone else had this and gone through more weeks with a little less infatuation? Have read other blogs which have been a great encouragement and lots make you laugh/smile. look forward to seeing other peoples running rants/blogs

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I think I was at about week 8 before I could shed my ninja camoflage gear, jumpsuits balaclava, gloves and even then I still only went out in the dark and with loud music to help me pretend the world wasn't there :-)

The next six months saw me slowly shed all those crutches and I am now a vision in orange and Lycra 8-)

Welcome to the undercover running society! You'll fit right in!


orange and that sounds very scary!!


I get a bit self conscious so I go out early morning too. But I'll be running a race with hundreds of other people soon so will have to get over it.

I think the further you get in the programme the more confident you will get and at least you are off the sofa and making an effort, that's something to be proud of!


I go out early mainly coz it suits my life & means I dont' have all day to think of an excuse. However, as I live just off the high street (all roads seem to lead there !) by going early it does mean I avoid lots of people...don't think i'm ready to avoid shoppers yet!!

Have to say most people I pass tend to give a smile of encouragement. Remember other people are probably thinking wish I could do that!!! I know I used to when I saw others running!

Keep it up!


Luckily the woods where I run are pretty deserted most of the winter so although my grandsons remarked that I looked like a ninja granny my outfit was more to do with the cold than anything else. My worst moments were when I arrived at the car park to discover it was the meeting place for a DofE orienteering day or something like it with over 50 young people milling about. Unfortunately they were still there when I got back from my run a deep shade of beetroot and dripping with sweat....nice.

Like AliB1 says, I think most people are encouraging and I know I used to be one of the people that wished I was fit enough to jog. Be proud.


I found that I was only self-conscious when I walked. There are enough joggers here that I didn't worry about what people made of me jogging, but I did wonder what they thought when I stopped after a minute.

Since I run at sunset, I did notice there were a lot of teenagers around and I even run past a skate-ramp every 4-5 minutes which is used by kids who are obviously in better shape than me. The thing is, they didn't seem to pay any attention to me.

And then, at about ten minutes in, I stopped worrying. I think I just got into it and was more focused on how far I had left than what people might think. It helps that I started and ended (a little early the first time, a little late the second) at my own front door, so I was never standing still in one place to draw attention.


I find ending up back at my door at the right time one of the biggest challenges:)


Great posts, still smiling from the comments. Never thought of myself as an undercover ninja before. Glad to hear the above comments and know im not going mad by myself............lots of lol after reading posts


im half way through week 2 and presently go out when its dark cause im scared of someone seeing me! im not looking forward to the clocks going back but hoping by then i be more confident and maybe i invest in some nice orange clothing! isnt orange in this year or was that last year?


I went out for my run a little later than usual this morning since it's Sunday and there were a few people milling around. I passed a dad with 2 kids on bikes and the little boy shouted "keep going!" at me...I had a wee chuckle. I think it's right that most people are impressed that you're even running!


i go out early because my life needs me to go out at that time, it means I get back in time for the three year old to get up and I can get showered and play with him.

So when I go out theres not a great deal of people, apart from the odd dog walker.

So if you are walking throw your head back stride on and wish them a good morning. If you are running and out of puff and inside wishing you were dead, puff out your chest take a big breath and respond with a resounding "MORNING!" then as you run past them metaphorically collapse in a heap and listen to Laura saying the run's finished, then realise you have just said morning to a woman in wellies, wax jacket and night dress.

The locals are mad around our way!


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