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Consolidation Run 3


Its been quite frustrating. And its been hard to keep running.

After graduating couch to 5K and getting a 5K in the bag on week 9 run 2 its just been really hard! I had problems with my calf muscle /achilles tendon. I got poorly with a bit of a generic bug - (not sure what but not Covid). I had to have a a colonoscopy so that meant days when i could not run as I was starving and then having to stay next to toilet due to teh moviprep clearing my bowel - then although it went Ok afterwards I was just wiped out. And work has also afforded me very little time to run it.

But I have managed 3 runs - the first two were such a struggle. Today I enjoyed it a nice slowish 4,6 K but with lots of hills involved . Probably could have made it a 5K but discretion is probably the better part of valour - didn't want to set of my calf off again and delay my next run or exhaust my energy stores . But I am glad to be back running again after all the the disruption.

Probably should take a short drive to some flat terrain just to give me a boost. I live on the side of a hill and the terrain doesn't really allow for contouring !

Jut glad I'm back in the game but its hard right now! Hopefully i wil be able to run again Monday !

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I’m not surprised to hear you’ve been feeling wiped out! Glad to hear you’re back up and, er, running ☺️

I think it’s quite a natural thing to lose momentum after graduation so don’t beat yourself up about it.

You achieved something that you were focused on for a few months and then suddenly post-grad you think.. ‘now what?’ It’s easy to lose that determination of smashing your 30 mins when there’s no longer a specific goal attached to it.

Remember even as graduates we are still absolute newbies in this running game. Now that you’re back at it, take time to pat yourself on the back for getting out the door at all. That’s my goal and focus. I’m looking at consolidation as a chance to solidify the habit of running, whatever the time/distance.

Keep at it, one run at a time 👍🏼


You have done amazing to get out again after everything you have been through. Just take it real slow and build up gradually again. Don't go for distance, go for time. Finding somewhere flat definitely sounds a good idea.

I graduated last week. Have only managed one consolidation run because one of my Achilles' started feeling tender (think I had over stretched before I went out for run). It is hard to have to rest the body but that is what it needs, though also hoping I can get out on Monday. To help with motivation you could sign up to a charity run event. I have signed up to Dementia UK's 50 miles in November. Can't wait to start!

DupsGraduate in reply to CatsRun

I would rest that Achilles, 50 miles in November will be hard to complete if you injure it further.

I haven’t done a consolidation run yet! I’m still resting a niggling abductor muscle injury that I had before I graduation.

Like you I signed up to the Dementia Uk 50 mile challenge. Have already got lots of sponsors so making sure the injury completely healed before I start.

Look forward to seeing your posts on how you are doing 😊

CatsRunGraduate in reply to Dups

Likewise! I'm going to have a gentle run tomorrow if it feels ok. Where I run I'm never far from home so if I feel it complain I can shorten the run. As I will need to do 3.33 miles on average every other day to achieve the 50 miles in November and I have only done max 3.16 miles (in 35 mins) 3 days ago, I don't want to let the fitness drop, but are you thinking I should give it another couple of days rest?

DupsGraduate in reply to CatsRun

Well I think rest it to be honest, if that injury gets worse you probably won’t be able to complete the challenge.

I haven’t run since I graduated on Tuesday but I’m not worried ... I don’t think you will lose too much fitness having another couple of days off to make sure the niggles have gone.

3.16 in 35 minutes is brilliant, you definitely will be able to do 3.33 👍.

I invested in a good pair of shoes 2 years ago getting a gait analysis done. This solved the problem of my Achilles.

If you feel that you can run, just try a really short one, and any hint of pain then I would stop.

Good luck 😊


I think you are doing great👍 The flat terrain sounds like a good idea. Have a happy run on Monday 😊


Thanks for the comments - perhaps i was not clear - the reason it was hard to get out and run was because I was resting the calf/tendon as well as the other stuff - i have no intention of running on it when it hurts to do so - but if feels ok right now.

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