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Consolidation run 3&4 - eek...


The only think that made me go run today was the accountability I feel to this forum!

My previous run was horrendous... I just couldn’t keep going... I kept walking and stopping and trying again and sobbing... I had to go for 4 and a half miles to actually get in my full non stop 30 min run... and the only reason I actually did it is because I found a very long and massive hill to run down... 😱 I mean I’m not even sure that counts!

Was supposed to run yesterday but just put it off.

It’s taken all morning to drag myself out and although I’m glad to have actually got out there and kept going till the 5k mark - after such a horrendous previous run; it just felt terrible the entire way... every second of every minute felt awful. I didn’t enjoy it in the slightest - and don’t even feel good post run... in actual fact I’m 150% more grumpy!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

I don’t get how some runs can feel so enjoyable and then others can feel so terrible. Especially when stats wise they appear pretty much identical... 🤔

Either way, I’m fighting desperately not to lose my motivation post C25K but certainly finding it a struggle. I consistently ran every other day throughout the programme without fail (minus my sisters wedding). I don’t seem to have the same drive to do this post C25K. I still don’t feel confident enough to go and do park run, even with the great advice and words of wisdom from everyone. Even though I know it will probably be such a big positive and step forwards for me.

Does it get easier?!

Soz about the not so positive post! 😳

Jeeeeez, I hope I get over this mental barrier soon!!

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I’m just on week 3, so no help.. but sending some positive vibes for you to have a better run next time. Timing wise, it’s pretty good.. so, you should definitely go on to the park run.. what’s stopping you?

Sar9Graduate in reply to believeinbest

Positive vibes accepted lol! 😬

Good luck on your C25K journey!


You did it, you got out there and ran despite having a not great experience last time. That takes determination! This time of year is hard for me to find the motivation to get my running gear on - I started C25K in March last year and in my opinion, January and February have been much less pleasant than any of the other months! I'm surprised that you're not feeling a teensy bit pleased with yourself for getting out there today? That's a shame, have a high five from me. Maybe next time, decide to take it slow and steady, no pressure to run a certain time or distance, just running for fun, because you can. Give yourself permission to stop and admire the view, do a few stretches, take a pic. Don't feel like you HAVE to do anything you don't want to! And do have a go at Parkrun. If you hate it, then fine. But you might love it!

Sar9Graduate in reply to Debston

Thanks for the 🙌 high five... I was in serious need 🤣

Park run is in the pipeline and I’m going to start focusing on enjoyment! Thank you!


have you read the guide to post C25k running? in which I suggest that you have some realistic, achievable weekly goals, short, mid and long term, which keeps up the rewards.

Running should not be causing you grief, otherwise you will not persist.

What does it matter if you don't run for 30 minutes or 5k.........just enjoy yourself.

Slow right down and look at your surroundings, listen to a comedy podcast, stop and take a photo, walk if you want to.

There are no rules, so stop beating yourself up, relax and enjoy your ability.

Sar9Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you, great advice... gotta start focusing on the positives and the enjoyment! 😊


Well done for going for the 5k. Just doing 30 mins when I can at the moment...just to squeeze it in. You are really pushing yourself. Well done. Smile and relax with it is important just to have some fun with it...if you can. 🤔👍🏃‍♀️🤞


I tend to agree with those above. Maybe you’re trying to do too much too soon. Give yourself a break, and do it in a way you enjoy, rather than trying to hit a target. I’ve just started to consolidate, and my only target is to carry on being able to run continuously for 30 mins, at least for a few weeks. I’m slow, but my pace is improving. I can only run just over 3k, but that’s also an improvement in the last 2 weeks. My legs ache but I still get the after run buzz. So I’m just going to keep chipping away. Try a few easier runs, and see how you feel 👍😁


Some runs are crap and you don't feel good after. I hit that wall around the same mark as you, around consolidation time. I had a run booked that I had paid for and I think that might have been the only reason I carried on.

The breakthrough for me was saying to myself 'poke your targets and times and stuff, I am going running on a nice day when I feel alright-ish and I am only going to run for as long as I feel like and then I am going to go home.'

That run was fab. I loved it and I have it stored high up in my memory bank for when I have days like this again. I went somewhere flat and beautiful (near the beach) and I ended up beating my PB and doing 5k, but it would not have mattered if I had only done 2k and gone as slow as a snail, the point was to enjoy it. That is something I think we should all remember. Good luck and I am sure you will find your mojo again. 👍🍀

Sar9Graduate in reply to Smelliepoo

Thank you 😊 as everyone has said... defo need to start focusing on the enjoyment and stop beating myself up!


There is a coached run on the Nike Run Club app called “need a win” run, give it a go it’s really good and might help 😊

Sar9Graduate in reply to Rigpig

Thanks Rigpig, will try this out 🙂


Is it just accountability you feel? I know exactly what you mean - I haven't been for a run for a week now and it feels awful, but what I get from the forum and the lovely people on here is a huge amount of inspiration and encouragement and congratulations.

I'm on W6R2 (tomorrow) so I can't help much, but the advice in earlier replies seems solid. Run because you want to, so that you enjoy it, and build it up over time.

I'm sure you'll smash the next one!!!!

Sar9Graduate in reply to DDJ2019

Thanks! And good luck with the rest of your C25K journey - the end is in sight!

I know what you mean about this place making you feel accountable👍 It’s my motivation when I’m not feeling it 😑

Don’t pressure yourself though! It’s time to take the pressure off, you’ve graduated 🎉 Try a really slow gentle jog, no time or pace expectations, get some favourite music on ( bpm not allowed 😉) and just go. It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes or 5 k ........ you’re the boss now...... just have a plod 🤷🏻‍♀️ And maybe a few rest days 😉 you’ve been knocking out some km’s lately! Good luck 🍀

Sar9Graduate in reply to Jalapenolover101

Thank you! Good and much needed advice taken on board!!


As everyone has said, don't be tough on yourself. It is tricky to work out what suits you after graduation. Tracking devices or not, running plans and targets or not? If you are doing 5k as a target every run, then you might be setting your expectations high - most if us are not doing that distance in the time. We are still new runners and getting used to this. I turned all the apps off and that helps.

I do track but not every run. Some runs aren't great.

We're all with you and I'm sure experiencing similar things. I haven't run since Monday because if wuek and other things and probably won't tomorrow in high winds and sleet, but I tried not to get annoyed with myself for not going out!

Good luck!

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