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1st run after graduating - 5K in 34.38 minutes 😀 Music suggestions!?

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My first run after graduating on Tuesday. Thought I would keep going until I hit 5K 🙂

I’ve found it really helpful having a running playlist on Spotify, but after 9 weeks feel I should mix it up a bit as I have listened to them a lot! Just struggling to find some new music. Does anyone else have a playlist or songs they would mind sharing.

I find slightly aggressive music motivates me more 😂 current favourite running artists are Prodigy, Pendulum, Stormzy, Jay Z and Chase & Status.

Any recommendations would be gratefully received!!!

Thank you and happy running 😊

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Have you tried searching “aggressive” in Spotify? There’s quite a number of playlists already.

I can’t say if they’re your thing; I prefer whale song and Gregorian chants. 😁

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ChickienGraduate in reply to Ian5K

Oh no I hadn’t, didn’t realise it was a thing! Thank you 🙂

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Well done on your 5k! I won't share my playlist as it is so long, but Chase n Status is on it! I actually find that I mainly run without headphones now on my long runs, but when I do listen to music, it's generally realky down tempo and chilled, I find 'motivational' music puts me off being in the 'zone'. Try it, you might be surprised!

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ChickienGraduate in reply to Roxdog

Thank you - tbh it sounds silly but I’m a little nervous of trying without music 😂 sometimes it gives me a bit of omph if I’m lacking. I will give it a go though and also more chilled music! Who knows it might be my new thing 🙂

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Well done on the 5k!

I really love 'Eye of the Tiger' kind of music to pump me up, but I usually listen to pop/r&b music as they're my favourite genres.

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ChickienGraduate in reply to itselenax

Thank you! I did think maybe I should try a bit more R&B, will add a few in 🙂

I like heavy metal or cheesy pop, the contrast makes me grin and I find the combination fun and uplifting. Iron Maiden--Run to the Hills is a good one, as are many of AC/DC's more popular hits, especially 'Highway to Hell' during the last painful 5 minutes!

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ChickienGraduate in reply to magenta_sparkles

Ooh maybe I need to mix it up a little! Will definitely check out AC/DC & Iron Maiden!

Thank you 🙂

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Smile23Graduate in reply to magenta_sparkles

Think you have my playlist🤣🤣🤣🤣run to the hills 180bpm👍

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Well done. Always thought I liked Dance music to exercise to, I’ve now found I like the Easy 00s playlist on Spotify as I like to sing along...I just go through phases 😃

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ChickienGraduate in reply to Buzzbeebh

Thank you! Am super impressed you can sing along while running! 🤩 Will look for that playlist

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