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Exhausted and sore


So last night I ran my 2nd 28 mins, the hardest and most miserable run ever! Right from the start I struggled, it was warm and I’d had a long day at work but I so wanted to do it, felt terrible after it, so utterly deflated and sore. So tomorrow I should be doing my 3rd run of week 8 and don’t want to go, already thinking of excuses, I’m reading posts to help motivate me. normally as hard as I find a run I feel great after it, what’s happened?

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Some runs just suck :(

However, despite the heat, the bad day at work and everything else going on you still did the run!!

You can definitely smash the heck out of the run tomorrow because you've already run when you weren't feeling like it - just gotta tie up the shoes and get through it.

Worst case you feel the same after, but that doesn't matter because you've already survived one bad run, but more likely than not you'll feel great again ( that's what the maths says!).

Thanks for replying, I knew someone would give me good advice, this is why I love this place, thank you, I’ll give it my best shot tomorrow 👌

Ups and downs of life. You will feel great again and you’ve done so well - so close. S

Floss66 in reply to LovelysRuns

Yeah so close, after yesterday I’m feeling a bit nervous but maybe just a bad run, ap and at it tomorrow, thank you

That's true: ups & downs of life and some runs do indeed just suck. I guess part of it is acknowledging that. Just like you don't enjoy every day at work, some mornings it's a struggle to get up, some days you just don't feel like running. But like the others say - you did it, despite not feeling like it - which is a huge achievement. So pat yourself on the back and get out there tomorrow and wallow in the great feeling you'll get when you get home again for the long cool drink of water.


Personally I always found Run2 the hardest in almost every week.

In Run 1 you are striving for something you haven’t achieved before and you’re full of nervy, excited energy and almost a feeling of anticipation. In Run 2 you’re not so excited because you’ve done the run already but the downside of having down it already is that you know it was flippin’ hard work. With Run 3 there is less pressure, as long as you are properly rested, because you’ve done the run twice already so you KNOW that you can do it!

Put Run 2 in “The Run Bin” and forget about it. It’s done, it was hard but it is behind you. Do Run 3 with no preconceived ideas other than this “I can do this. I know that I can because I’ve done it twice already!”

And make sure that you’re hydrated. And take it slow - slower than slow 😊

I thought I was just a bit odd but that’s exactly how I feel about the second runs as well! 😊


I finished the programme about ten days ago and on my second post graduation run on Monday it was hot and I had to stop at 3.8km. First time I've stopped early since starting back jogging.

This morning, determined to make amends, I ran a 5K in 32.12, my quickest time to date.

It was cooler and I went back to my usual route and routine which both helped massively

One bad run does not define your efforts.

Stick to your routines, try and run at cooler times of the day and get back on the horse!

Last week I had to stop running after less than 10 minutes. Just couldn't manage it so just walked the rest then 2 days later ran for 30 minutes non stop. Sometimes your body is telling you it needs to rest. Listen to it and don't get downhearted. Next time will probably be easier. X

W7R3 was a terrible run for me. I took off too quickly at the start and never really recovered. It took me 3 weeks to start week 8 after that. But I took it slow and felt great afterwards. Couldn’t wait to get to W8R2 which I completed this morning. Just take it nice and slow and you’ll be fine...and feel great afterwards, more so because you still did it despite being reluctant!

Run 2 is always the worst! I did find Week 8 the hardest though, but put in an extra rest day and that really helped me.

You’re pushing your boundaries and the end is in sight. Take your time, make sure you’re well hydrated, run slow. You can do this!

Rest up. U will be ok. Sounds like body telling you u had enough for a day or so. Just walk for a day or so. I guarantee you’ll be back running and enjoying it as soon as you are rested 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


I feel your pain! I also struggled with this run. Up until this point I’d found it doable and kind of enjoyable, but I’d tied my laces too tight and had a dead foot and sore calves and had to walk for about 3 minutes of it.

Wasn’t looking forward to the next run, but I have done two since then and it’s back to doable and kind of enjoyable 😂🤣😂

You can do it and you will probably have a much better run this time (I’m basing that on Jo Wiley’s words of wisdom)

Good luck - you’re nearly there 😀

I struggled with that one as well and had to do a fast walk up the hill. I found run 3 of week 8 much better and I will be starting week 9 today or tomorrow!

Just want to say this is my week 8 too and it’s been the least enjoyable week. I put it all down to the weather, it’s just too warm and barely any air movement.

It’s promising to be cooler tomorrow, thankfully. Yesterday’s evening looked nice for a run but it was the rest day for me.

I have to remember there’s no challenge and take it steady and get around and on to the final week. 🙂

Can’t really add any more to the great advice and support in your previous replies. I’m only on W6 too so haven’t even attempted 25 mins yet! You’re amazing to have got as far as you have.

Just put it down to a bad day, dump it in the bin and I’m sure you’ll smash it next time 😊

For me it’s better doing it around 6.30 in the morning, before anything and that’s the way I’m doing it. I’m in week 7 and 25 mins were long enough but that is not going to stop me : )


We all have days when for no obvious reason running is a slog (at least, I hope we do - I do anyway!). I seem to remember finding Week 7 a bit hard going but I think you just have to grit your teeth and do the runs - which you've done, so well done! Hopefully the next run will be better (you know now that you can do it) and you'll be well on the way to completing the programme.

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