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Week 8 Run 3 and only 3.6k


Hey everyone. Please can I get some advice or support. I'm feeling a bit low that I've just completed week 8. I'm finding it so so hard. I'm going incredibly slow and only just hitting 3.6k in 28 mins. How does everyone else do? I can't imagine ever running a 5k at the moment.

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You are doing great.

Could you run for 3.6 kilometres just a few weeks ago?

Only a small proportion of graduates from this forum who responded to a poll, managed 5k in 30 minutes by graduation healthunlocked.com/couchto5....

Graduation requirements are that you complete three thirty minute runs, regardless of distance.

El-Ro in reply to IannodaTruffe

Great thanks for that link this is really helpful. Reminded of the old Nike advert slogan. You either ran today or you didn't. Thank you!

I graduated on 22nd June and I was no where near the 5k.... Was only 3.44km so you're doing fantastic. I had some advice from a friend who did this course 2 years ago and then went into run the London marathon last year.... Dont expect to run 5km in 30 mins, she never did and sometimes still doesnt, every run is 'your' own personal run, it's your pace. Don't beat yourself up, just enjoy it.

Oh wow that's interesting. Thank you so much for the support 😃❤️

Don’t feel low! That’s a fantastic achievement! That’s the distance I have achieved on W9R1 which I am thrilled with 👍🐌🏃‍♀️if you click on Ian’s link you will see that is the distance for the majority. Only a small percentage achieve 5k . We will have something to work towards in WK10 onwards 🏃‍♀️🐌30 minutes is the requirement and you will do that so smile and keep running and be proud 👏🏃‍♀️🏁

Thank you so much! 😃❤️


Yep, nothing at all to feel low about, you’re doing great. The app is designed to get people exercising 3 times a work for half an hour. Everyone’s pace is going to be different, pace is something that will build with fitness and fitness will build the further you run 😊


I’ve been running two years now... I just took my comfortable paced 5k time and worked out how long 3.6k takes me at that pace... 26 minutes is the answer. Take away my 2 years of experience and the fitness that it brings and I’d be uncomfortable running 3.6 in 28. I don’t consider myself a fast runner, or a slow one, just a happy one! I don’t normally discuss pace here as it doesn’t matter for the plan, but thought I’d share as you’re almost as quick as me already, and maybe that will put your thoughts into perspective here... you’re not slow, and it wouldn’t matter if you were!

Run happy, numbers don’t matter.

El-Ro in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks!! That's really helpful to get some context. I guess as a new runner I just have no idea how I am doing. And in lockdown I am running alone and always wondering. This is reasurring. Thank you 😃

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to El-Ro

Comparison usually causes one party or the other to be deflated... so it’s best not to do it. I only did it as I knew my comfortable pace must have been pretty similar. My 5k PB is actually just about my 3.6k comfortable as it happens, which was interesting to find out!

This plan is about becoming a regular 30 minute runner. When it’s done you can work on 5k regular, maybe then 10k and more... all of which should be taken comfortably first time round. There are race plans for distances once you’ve achieved them, which will vary your pace and make you uncomfortable on the odd runs... this plan isn’t that! You’re doing great... enjoy closing it out.


Press on El-Ro. You're doing greaat! I managed 3.6k in 30 minutes. The main thing is running for 30 minutes and feeling your body change into a stronger, fitter and happier you!!


If you are anything like me then running for so long is unbelievable- remember back to week 1! Just started week 8 this morning and was also disappointed at how slow I was. But I am aiming to do a park run in September and hope to celebrate turning 60 by running the 5k in 30 minutes- but who knows. Just running is a great achievement- keep going 👍

El-Ro in reply to Redfly3

This is my goal too!

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