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I am still a beginner, only on week 3 but a change to my routine- husband back to work, has changed my attitude and thrown me. I am not an early riser so struggle to wake, never mind run before my husband leaves for work then by evening I've given myself every excuse to not go.... it's raining, it's too late, dinner sat heavy. It's all excuses and I wake up the next morning so cross with myself. (Can't run in day- 3 children)

Has anyone else overcome their own battles against themselves? Any tips?

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Can you think why you started this ? did you enjoy it? Then try to remember these when you’re battling with your thoughts 💭 you can do this if I can 🤗

You either want to do this........or maybe you don't.

There is only one person who is going to make you do this and only one person who is going to stop you.

Having habitually not being an early riser, does not mean that you can't start now.

C25k is a life changer.........but only if you put in the effort.

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Thank you. I started this as I wanted "me" back, I feel that over the years I have lost the motivated, fit and determined person that I used to be. I have loved running and exercise before and love the feeling I get afterwards.

I let life get in my way and with 3 children, I'm always at the back of the queue.

I understand that I am the person stopping me and I'm my own worst enemy. I was hoping there would be other people who started like me but overcame this.

You're right, just because I have never been an early riser doesn't mean I can't be. Any tips? I would need to be up and running 2hrs earlier than I was previously able to fit in with my families' schedule. And when I'm back to work too, earlier again.

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to SammiN3

I found within a couple of weeks of starting the plan that I was getting up at 5:30 am to go and run, whereas previously I would have stayed in bed for a good couple of hours longer. nobody was making me........motivation has to come from you.

Why do you want to run?

Write that list of reasons down and when you falter, have a look at it and remind yourself. If the items on the list are no longer applicable, cross them off and if the reasons do not convince you, then you obviously don't really want to do it, you just think you ought to.

Like you I wondered how people fitted it into their lives, but once you are hooked, priorities change and lo and behold the run comes before anything else.

You know the rewards are vast, but you also know that you have to put in the effort. You just have to persuade that person who is stopping you to stand aside........

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sTrongFuseGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

What is this 5:30am you speak of? Apart from Parkrun/rugby, I am an "after work" runner; that's just what works for me. But I agree and echo your comments, the motivation comes from within and once the bug has bitten, you start juggling things around so that your run becomes part of your routine and not something that has to be squeezed into the gaps in your day.

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Newbie59Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

That is so true, everyone has some time in the day to decide what to spend it on!

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Thank you all. I know I sound flaky and not determined but I actually am! (&not flaky)

Prioritising myself is something I am not used to and I guess I'm also struggling with what was a great experience and managed to fit perfectly, into having to make space for myself as we get into our new normal.

I am going to make this work just need to figure out how- queue arguments with myself! & Thank you sTrongFuse, I am looking forward to it being part of my routine, will get jiggling!

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I always get up early for work ( 05.40) so 06.00 is about normal for me, even on a day off.

I have been known to get up at 04.30 to get a run in before work 😬, but that was not the best idea I have ever had.

Recently I made big changes. I did a few runs in the morning, and I mean after 09.00 and also a couple after work, around 22.30. Just to see if I could, and discovered that I can, why I avoided this for 2 years, I have no idea.

But it gives me choices, it means I no longer have the excuse of missing a run if I am too tired, or the weather forecast is awful.

I still prefer the early runs, but my early has become later. On a day off it's more likely to be 07.30 than 06.00.

It's just about making a new habit, and even if you are tired before you go, I'll guarantee that you will feel energised when you get in.

Good luck 🤩

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SammiN3Graduate in reply to Jell6

Thank you, that really made me smile! I have no idea why a specific time is so important to so many of us. You're completely right! I need to stop being such a routine stickler and open myself up to being more flexible. Maybe that should be 1 of my goals too🤣

Do you know what.. you're absolutely right. I'm a morning gal and feel I need to get my exercise over with. This morning we couldn't do our usual bike ride and my husband suggested a run. I couldn't because it was "too late". Thanks for inspiring me😘

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Believe me, I know the struggle even after four years.

Best tip I know is, decide beforehand what time you are going to run. Then when it arrives, gear up and simply go out and just start running. If you then "remember" how much you really do get out of it the run will take care of itself :)

Mind you - don't let the odf day you decide "nope - not going to continue" throw you. We all get those days when we just don't want to run. After all, we are human not robots :)

Maybe also you might be motivated by looking forward to seeing "Graduate" beside your name in a while also? :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

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Motivation is a funny thing, I love being outdoors in the fresh air, but I also like to laze about a bit too. If I don't get up and go out and do my C25K first thing, then I probably won't get round to it, I will think about it all day, then decide not to go, and feel guilty and spoil my day. At first I had to set an alarm and it was difficult, but soon I was waking up before the alarm. Don't be too hard on yourself, I think you must be tired after looking after 3 children all day.

I really struggle with motivation, too! I have found this helps me: I put out my running clothes by my bed the night before and in the morning get dressed into them straight away, rather than going down stairs in my pjs and dressing gown. If I do the latter, I’m likely to just start on my normal breakfast routine and chores like emptying the dishwasher, and then feel I haven’t the time for a run anymore, or talk myself out of it for some other reason. However, if I’m down in the kitchen in my running clothes it seems to then lead to me warming up and before I’ve had time to think too much about it, I’m out running. It’s almost like I have to get myself doing it before I’ve had a chance to do anything else or think too much about it! Something like that might help perhaps

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Thank you everyone! Fantastic tips, advice and inspiration. I got changed this afternoon, sat in my running clothes whilst homeschooling kids and as soon as husband came in, I waited for a break in the rain and hail and went for it. Captured the moment rather than setting a time, felt so happy being out and running rather than sitting and moping. Week 3, run 2 achieved!

Thank you x

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