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Is it 5k?


I'm having a discussion with my kids! Am I covering 5k distance each time whether its week 1 or 9?🤔

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No. It's not really couch to 5k, it's couch to 30 minutes running, which is what lots of people do 5k in once they're good at it! I did Week 5 Run 3 today and it was 3.57km, but some people will do further and some less. Today I ran for 20 mins and walked for 2 x 5 minutes, so it's reasonable to assume at that pace I might be doing 4.76km if I ran for 30 mins which I imagine I won't be doing until week 9!


You don't need to cover 5K, not even in the last week, the program has prepared you for running 30 minutes by the last week, not 5K although it has that title, Couch to 30 minutes is not such as flashy as C25K, however, most people who complete the course do eventually go on and run a 5K.


No, you really aren´t

Assuming you´re running at roughly the same pace (but you will speed up a bit as you get fitter), then you will be covering maybe only 1 or 1.5km in Week 1 and then maybe 3-5km in Week 9 ... that´s because you´re running for longer periods of time.

Week 1 is 8 minutes of jogging (with 1 minute walking breaks)

Week 9 is a 30 minute jog

That´s a BIG difference in running time and so a big difference in distance covered.

The clue is in the title ... ´´couch´´ is obviously 0.00 km. To do 5k in Week 1 would be madness.

Hope that helps the discussion with your kids :-)

madeincroydon in reply to John_W

Thanks, I understand it now!


Hi, you may not be running 5k in the first few weeks, however think about the total distance you cover during your fast walk/run. I cover nearly 5k (3 miles) from leaving my house to getting back, including the warm up and cool down walks, and then a 10-15 minute walk home just enjoying being outdoors. It's 30 minutes of brisk exercise and it does you good :)

I'm on week 3 and only covered 1.29km today 😳

Newbie59Graduate in reply to madeincroydon

Hi, I am just wondering how you are measuring your distance? Are you using an App? Where I run there is a signpost, visitor centre a mile and a quarter - I do it twice so that's two and a half miles, plus the half mile walk to the visitor centre. I'm wondering if the sign might be wrong, I think I walk faster than I run, ha ha

I just assumed it was 5k each week! Feel stoopid now, Haha 😂 we did week run 3 today, 1 29k

MMP175Graduate in reply to Newbie59

I’m using Strava to measure the running time. My average has improved as the running has got less (I didn’t include the warm up and cool down as it takes me longer than 5mins to get to the start and we keep walking at the end. I tried Nike Run Club but it didn’t seem to get a good signal and kept telling me I was going at 6mins/k and had covered 5k (I wish!!)

madeincroydon in reply to MMP175

I'm using my Fitbit now, really hoid


I just finished week 7 this morning and did 3.2k in 25minutes of running. I might get to 3.5k by week 9 but no way will I be doing 5k by then. It’ll be something to aim for over the summer. I’m not too bothered about distance, or speed (it was 8.35 min/k today) just so chuffed that I’ll be able to run for 30mins when I struggled with week1

madeincroydon in reply to MMP175

Wow, unbelievable, can't believe I'm running for 3 minutes!

MMP175Graduate in reply to madeincroydon

Keep going, the distance gets longer but you’ll cope with it if you stick to the programme. Don’t be tempted to try and go faster, it’s best to go slow and get used to running for longer rather than faster

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