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Week 5, run 2. What’s the best way to approach run 3?


So I finished the second run of week 5. Two 8 minute runs (although knackering) didn’t seem too bad. I’m trying to approach the idea of run 3 (20 minutes solid) with an open mind but it seems unrealistic, agh! Any help?

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Look on it as sections Kaylecia, break it up into 4 five minute runs, you've just ran for 8 minutes so 5 will be easy, just get through them one by one don't worry about the pace 👍👍

KayleiciaGraduate in reply to Imc50

Ah, that’s actually a very helpful suggestion -breaking it down into 5 minute chunks makes it seem more manageable. 🤔 Thank-you! I’m always at a 🐌’s pace anyway haha!

BeatlesforeverGraduate in reply to Kayleicia

Great advice about breaking it up and going slowly, I would also say, expect to find the first 5-10 minutes tough until your body gets into a rhythm. Don't worry about it, slow it right down if you need to. Good luck, you can do it! 💪🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


I completed that run this morning and am amazed I ran for 20 minutes!

I adjusted my pace if it felt too much and try not to look at the time you’ve got left. It was surprising each time the coach told me how many minutes I’d run.

Good luck 😀

KayleiciaGraduate in reply to Flamingo321

Well done! I bet it’s the best feeling. Yeah, I’ve found it better when I’m listening to a long podcast because I don’t have any real indication of how long I’ve been running (I used to time my running to music 😂) thank-you!


Think about run 2: If you add your 2 x 8 min runs together and then add the 5 minute brisk walk break to it - that's 21 mins.🙂 You can absolutely do this - trust in the program and stay positive.

Sometimes having a mantra helps to keep the negative thoughts or gremlins at bay - "I can do this'', "I am strong", "One step at a time" are some I use!

Keep your pace steady and don't be afraid to slow up a little if this feels more comfortable.

Oh, and don't forget to celebrate when you finish! Good luck! 🙂


Thank-you! Just gotta keep up with the “I got this”! 😁


W5R3 is just another run in a perfectly structured training plan.

This breakdown may allay some of your fears healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

You can do this.


Try not to overthink it, just approach it as you have the previous runs, go with what flamingo says, when it feels too much back off the pace.. We'll done with getting to where you are.. I've been doing 28 mins run on w8 and really feeling it, when the neg thoughts creep in I've had to slow it more.. and think of the benefits 😉


Whenever I wanted to stop, I would pick a landmark ahead of me - the corner of the road or a lamppost etc, and think, I'll just see how I feel when I get there. When I got there, I'd pick another landmark. It worked for me.

Good luck 👍


Update: it’s done!! I did it! 😁

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