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Second consolidation Run coming up

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Monday morning I left the house at 5:30am as usual. The world is normally quiet but there’s an eerie quiet at the moment. It’s kind of nice.

I decided where I was going to run and off I went, I decided no app and I’d see how I got on. It was the most comfortable relaxed run I’ve had. I managed to run 5k, took longer than the 30 mins and I felt really refreshed afterwards. I’m back out in the morning, I might put the app back on so I know how long I’ve been running for. I enjoyed myself so much on Monday that I just kept running.

I was also blessed to see a huge owl land not far from me in the trees by the river where I run. Nature really is at its best at dawn

Stay safe fellow runners 🏃🏻‍♀️

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Well done on your run Sazzles9 it’s great when you get that feeling you can just run and run 🏃‍♀️ 👍 happy running keep safe

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Sazzle carefully does it on those back to back runs you've come this far it'd be a run regretted if you got injured !!

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Sazzles9Graduate in reply to Imc50

It’s not back to back I ran one Monday morning and one this morning x

Hey Sazzles, that sounds wonderful, I must get out at dawn again as it really is the best especially when you find your running legs 🏃‍♀️🤸🏃‍♀️😄

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Sazzles9Graduate in reply to

I love it, however in the current climate everyone is out x

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Nice one! It’s nice running without the app and having the freedom to chose your own noise, or run without any noise except the nature. And how fabulous to see the owl 🦉😁

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