Don't eat that banana before running!!!

-- - not if you want to lose weight anyway!!

I know ! I know!! -- All of these "studies" which tell us different things. However this one at least makes logical sense to me . I have always eaten a banana before running in the morning - I try to do it a couple of hours before I run - plus drink water. The logic of doing this has always also made sense to me - to be hydrated and to supply blood sugar for energy.

BUT - as this article points out - maybe not a good idea if losing weight in one of your priorities !

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  • Yes I know but I think as long as we don't eat too many we're ok. They are a good healthy fuel for us runners

  • In moderation Bazza and as part of the overall calorie intake count I'm sure they are ok, not to mention the good dollop of magnesium, potassium and B6 in there.

  • Yes- bananas are good!!! - but this article is saying "when eaten after a run, not before - for purposes of weight loss" :)

  • I don't think that the article is saying bananas make you fat. It says that eating sugar (a banana) before the exercise is less efficient than exercise while fasting.

    So long as you count the calories in the banana it's not going to make you fat, well no more than an equal number of calories in say jelly babies.

  • Our bodies are great at storing excess energy as fat and equally great at burning fat to supply energy when needed.

  • I am more likely to eat one afterwards as they are quite indigestible. I ate one before my half marathon though. Mind you I got right stitch!

  • How far ahead of your race did you eat it?

  • I had a banana 90 mins before my 8k run tonight and I WENT LIKE THE WIND. (No that is not a poo joke).

  • As the article says, we burn fat better if we exercise in a fasted state. I always run on my fasting days and I don't eat until the evening. It works for me. (Three stone off in six months!)

  • About an hour Baz

  • Not sure really.... I have lost 6 kg since I started running - not much change in eating habits, especially not my daily morning banana!!!

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