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Week 5 run 1 didn’t go to plan. Instead of 5,5,5 I did 5,5,4 and then did the extra minute after a couple of minutes walking.

Given that week 5 has three different runs should I repeat this one?

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You probably would benefit by going a bit slower and repeating it, you are over half way and the longer runs are coming up so learn to go that bit slower at the beginning so you have a bit left at the end, you are doing great though so smile and have good sunday

Thank you - I did run my fastest ever 3k on Strava so maybe too fast

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to TiredHappyBeginner

Ha ha no wonder you needed to walk the last minute, but only you really know so if you feel you could slow down and run the next run you go for it

Something amazing that happened to us after we graduated was the ability to speed up get puffed out then slow down and recover, during c25k we couldn’t speed up and to recover we had to walk


Not essential but you might choose to - if only to prove to yourself that you can (and you can!) I agree with WillowandSola's suggestion to maybe slow down a little, as this will help you through the longer runs ahead. You will be surprised at the difference that dropping your pace, even just a little makes. Good luck.🙂

thanks, that makes sense. Pretty annoyed with myself so running it again would beat that feelung


What a fabulous name TiredHappyBeginner 😁! Sending you lots of positive thoughts for your next run. Keep posting - we’re all cheering you on 👏👏

Thank you so much Jerichomile ! Bring on Tuesday when I can go at it again 😊


If you run at a pace at which you can complete every session then you will have no need to repeat any session.

We always recommend fully completing each session, as it is laid out in the plan, before moving on.

Is that a yes or a no, IannodaTruffe ?! I completed but just not quite in the manner I should

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to TiredHappyBeginner

I am not here to tell you what to do, only to advise.......your decision.

ArthurJGGraduate in reply to TiredHappyBeginner

It depends why you stopped a minute early. Stopping for traffic wouldn't be a reason to repeat but if you didn't have the resources to complete the run then as others have said going at a slower pace so that you can complete it makes sense. Learning how to pace yourself will stand you in good stead for the longer runs that follow plus you will not have the nagging doubt that tends to come from not having completed the previous run - you'll be more confident of the next one once you've completed this.

If I were you I'd be repeating the run as although you have run the total amount of time, you've not done it all at the right time (if you see what I mean?) I have already decided that I will not move on a week until I have completed the three runs consecutively (with rest days obviously). To me, completing a run means to follow the plan exactly. We keep being told that every run we do prepares us for the next one so I would be worried that I'm moving forward without the proper preparation. Let's face it, it's only adding another day to you reaching the end of C25K. Is that a great deal in the whole grand scheme of things?

Thanks Alast , I think you’re right.

Thanks to everyone - really helpful

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