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Smug and sore - looking for trainer recommendations!


Ran W2 R1 last night in a howling hooley and came home feeling very smug...and wet. Calves are sore so could anyone recommend some decent but not too pricey running shoes (approx £50-£60)?

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Google ".running shoes" you might find something that you can buy at a reasonable price.


My first pair were ones were neutral with good cushioning and have served me well...I wish I’d had gait analysis done tho and will next time so perhaps find a sports shop to do that and they can make recommendations too.


Maybe not the answer you want, but if you plan to take up running long term you should go to an independent running shop. Get a gait analysis done and ask for advice with regards to what running shoes would best suit you. It will save you in the long run. Explain that your on a budget. They may have some shoes on sale, especially now that it’s January and they might be getting rid of last seasons stock. Genuinely it will save you from injury and make your runs more comfortable.

Buy cheap as chips everything else, but running shoes are the most important gear you can buy.


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Completely agree with damienair. Running shop is definitely the best route. They’re willing to spend time with you & analyse your gait with no pressure to buy. Useful if you take some worn out shoes with you so they can determine if you over or under pronate. Allow plenty of time & go with an open mind to branding. Continue to enjoy your running 😊


It would be worth getting them fitted as suggested by others. In terms of price, I had a gait analysis done and bought a pair for £62 reduced from over £90, so ypu can get deals!

Thanks guys. I’ve done a search and found a running shop near me where they have a video camera to record your feet while you run. I’m guessing that’s the gait thing? I’m going on Saturday. Great support from everyone and I appreciate it.

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That is the gait analysis. They slow down the recording to see how you run. My new shoes are also Brookes and they have made a lot of difference!

Brooks ghosts are good for cushioning the feet but are pretty pricey ,(I had bad knees and shin splints until I invested in a decent pair of shoes )

I am new to running (Wk3) but went for Hoke One One shoes ...( I need stability type) they offer free returns so I ordered 4 pairs of various size and widths. Found the perfect fit and my first run with them was so much better and more importantly, much fewer aches the following day. £80 though, so not cheap, but you can spend a lot more!

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