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How often do you run? Week 1..

The app says “do this run 3 times.” I’m on week one, does this mean I do each of the 3 runs once, totalling 3 runs a week for 1 week or does it mean I repeat each of the 3 runs 3 times over 3 weeks? Sorry if it’s a daft question, its just not very well explained on the app!

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run,rest day, run, rest day, run, rest day, then week2.

(at the end of the week you can have 2 rest days if you want to keep to the same days every week)

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Use the link above. 3 runs in 1 week then move on to week 2

Good luck.

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Welcome... please do check the FAQ post for Newbies... and particularly this link.

Three runs each week... with a rest day between each one.. more if you need it... we each have our own running days to suit us and our lives.

My running days...Tuesday, Thursday... Sunday:) But not at the moment because I am training for HM...:)

Take it slowly and steadily... enjoy the runs, they are all so structured and move you gently and safely on. Keep posting too, for great support and encouragement!

Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.

Got it! This makes perfect sense, thanks all :)

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