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How often do you run?

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I never thought I'd say it when I started C25K 10 weeks ago, but I'm enjoying running so much that really I'd like to go more often than every other day, is this a really bad idea?

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Difficult to say. My hubby runs whenever he feels like it - some weeks, when he has time, he'll do 5K every day with no adverse effects. I'm more injury prone so religiously respect my rest days. I would say it very much depends on the individual :-)

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At the moment I'm running every day but that's because I'm on hols and part of the hols was an explicit intention to run every day. Distance varies. Sometimes the legs are tired, mostly they aren't, but running every day is definitely do-able. If you feel you can do it, do it.

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The golden rule seems to be take a rest day between runs but I'm sure that when you reach a good fitness stage and if you are not prone to injury a person could run more. My thoughts would be to listen to your body at all times. Try running two consecutive days then a rest and build it up gradually. Having said all that I've been running for nearly 3 years and still take a rest day but I am older and have had a couple of injuries which take ages to recover from and get back to my previous fitness.

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Thanks for the replies- I'll take your advice and try the odd one here and there- my biggest fear is getting an injury, so I'll be very careful as I am quite new to this running thing :)

Thank you for asking this ive been stalking google for a straight answer and cant find one! I kinda was wondering if anyone ever did c25k everyday?

Running is one of the best exercises but it should be proper without any injuries. It is one of the fastest ways to reduce stomach fat.

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