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Anyone doing C25K on the treadmill? I’ve just completed week 5...the dreaded 20 minute run and found it a bit boring TBH. Any suggestions to getting over the boredom?

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Lots of us here use a treadmill and have used one for the whole of C25K. I know of one guy who does *all* his marathon training (including 3 hours runs) on a training. It's very much about your attitude to it and your motivation.

If you need something to distract you, try putting some headphones on and listening to music, a podcast, audio book or even watching some TV/videos.

When you've finished C25K, you may move onto doing some intervals type stuff (e.g. the C25K+ podcasts) and you'll definitely not be bored on the treadmill doing those.

Good luck!



Well done and yes to get rid of the boredom why not try running outside 😊

Davo123Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Thanks Buddy. I’ve tried but it seems to knacker my knees. Also, I’ve invested in a decent treadmill so would rather use that.


I'm on my second run through on a treadmill, to be honest, I normally either watch the birds on next door's bird feeders or I focus on one particular point and just plod along.

Can it get boring? Not had that issue yet as I think the focusing helps clear my mind and allows me to regulate my breathing better than when I'm watching the birds.


I did the first eight weeks on a treadmill at home. I set up a shelf in front of the treadmill at eye height, put my tablet on that, and used my tablet to either watch TV, or put on virtual treadmill runs while listening to music, and that helped a ton. I did my W5R3 20 minutes virtually in the Grand Canyon. :) I still find it easier to keep going for the full distance on a treadmill, I find outside to be more boring than the lush little entertaining setup I have at home, but I'm mixing it up, sometimes outside, sometimes inside. I figure the more time I do outside, the greater longevity for the treadmill, and I'll have plenty of time on the treadmill when the weather is awful in the winter. :) I don't mind running in the rain, but I don't much like hail, snow, strong wind etc!


Hi Davo ! How about trying u tube videos The This is a series of videos with a female runner from Netherlands I think. Her and her husband made these videos for treadmill and they are brilliant ....well I think they are. They individually timed so you can follow it as though you were outside while listening to music .One thing though ... you’ll never overtake her.! 🤣🤣

Outside running is far better so if I was you I would do some running outside aswell to get the feel of it .🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Good luck and hope this helps! 👍


by the way... look to the right of your post and you'll see "Related Posts" ;-)

Davo123Graduate in reply to John_W

Can’t see related posts John

John_WAmbassador in reply to Davo123

are you on laptop/desktop or mobile?


Mobile at the mo but will be on laptop later


so Related Posts don't show up on mobile browsers - have a look on your laptop later

Hidden in reply to John_W

Hi John, related posts are further down the page on the phone. You have to scroll down past "Next Posts".




I did the whole thing on treadmill, plus consolidation and I'm beginning the Bridge to 10k on the treadmill. Now allergy season is calming down I am starting to do one run a week outside.

On the treadmill I had my music up loud (to be heard) and I do things in my head

Often maths (how many minutes in teh whole programme, how many minutes run in total), I write posts in my head that will never make it onto here, I plan a meeting, plan dinner, remind myself what needs doing

and the most important thing for me is to cover up those freakin' numbers that stare at me telling me I have 5K to go to finish :D

Davo123Graduate in reply to backintime

That’s a good one...covering the numbers. It’s a killer watching the numbers slowly going down, especially from 20:00 minutes!!

backintimeGraduate in reply to Davo123

Use your towel, you get a peek when you wipe but they don't stare at you


I did the programme many years ago solely on a treadmill. I wear glasses and found it easier to remove them while running. As I'm so short-sighted, I couldn't see the time remaining so managed to concentrate 100% on the pod-cast!

After I graduated, I made up my own running playlists and sang along in my head.

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