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New to this

Hi I'm starting this on Monday and need to buy trainers or running shoes over the weekend, does anyone have any recommendations please?

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There is a post pinned to the right of the screen if you're on pc (underneath if on mobile) - I think it's the FAQ post tbat has links for everything you need.

General consensus seems to be to go get a gait analysis (sports shops) done so that you get shoes that suit your gait and don't leave you open to injury.

Read the post, it's much better explained than I could ever do it

Oh and well.done for starting.


There are so many different types out there, I'm sure you will find something that is perfect for you. I am very happy with my Karrimor Tempo 3 trail shoes. It's generally advised to buy half a size bigger than your normal shoe size as your feet expand while running.

You could go and get your gait analysed and get proper advice about what shoes would be good for your particular gait. Someone on here recommended Sweatshop which is a national chain but other running shops do it too.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your decision.

This guide to the plan is essential reading and includes a link to shoes.

Enjoy your journey

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Thank you for your replies and advice, so nice to have some support!


I bought the Karrimor Tempo Trail shoes when I started the programme (get at least half a size bigger) Try them on!

I loved them! I got a pair of the same in the "road" shoe version too

I only got gait analysis done and got some more expensive shoes once I'd decided to keep running


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