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Advice for a gps watch



I graduated a while back and am doing my first 10k on Sunday and have now decided to invest in a gps watch.

I was wondering what the best one would be with a budget of around £150 - £200?

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Don't know about the best. Two months ago I bought a garmin forerunner 35 and I think it's great. Easy to use once I got the hang of it. It gives heart rate, pace, cadence, steps , miles and you can download the garmin connect app and all the information from the watch transfers to your phone. 😊

Dexy5Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Me too. Other watches do more but this does everything I want it too. I think you’ll find most people like Garmin, so check out their website to see which each model offers. Do shop around as prices vary enormously.


I have a forerunner 35 also... around £100 and does pretty much everything. The 45 is £160 at the moment and adds a colour screen. My choice in your budget range would probably be the 235 which is currently also around £160 but does a little more... it’s discounted as the 245 is replacing it, but it’s still one of the best watches around.


I recently bought a Garmin Instinct and I love it ! Tracks outside running (with GPS), treadmill, strength sessions. Counts steps, does heart rate, measures stress.

Does everything I want it to. Style wise it's kinda chunky/industrial, but I really like that. A very solid piece of kit.


I've got a Garmin vivoactive 3, which I think is great. It's in the £150-200 range, but they have just released the vivoactive 4 so you may find some good end of line deals.


Garmin are very good, I’ve just invested in a forerunner 245, got it for £205. Loads of info and I’m still getting used to it but I’m very impressed


I love my Garmin Forerunner 235, which I have had since June. It does everything that I want it to.


Hi there 1985lad...good luck for Sunday. I’ve had a fitbit, which I loved, and a Garmin forerunner but since my birthday a month ago I’ve had a garmin vivoactive 3 music...AND I LOVE IT! No need to take my phone for music coz I download it all on here and the gps is brilliant...

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