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No Fun

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When I was young and ran I would be filled with an exhilarating feeling and I can’t understand why this is so elusive now. I am now at Wk 8 run2 and have completed each part religiously yet I’m not getting any joy from my runs.... in fact it makes me feel miserable when I wake up and realise I’ve got to run that day! Could it be my age ( I’m a 54 yr old)? Or will I eventually feel the happiness that evades me? Also, why do my neck and shoulders ache almost as much as my legs when I run?

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Your unfit. You hurt after each run as your muscles ache due to tearing and stretching. It’s still going to be hard work for a couple of months after graduation. But stick with it. Keep running 3 times a week and that buzz that eludes you at the moment will come back.

One amazing way to experience that exhilarating feeling again would be to do Parkrun after you graduate. The more you run the fitter you will get and after a few months it won’t hurt anymore.


Thanks for the encouraging words Damienair. I will stick with it ( mainly because I am incredibly stubborn and refuse to let it beat me!) and hopefully one day I’ll get that elusive buzz.

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I’m 49 so not far behind you in’s hard work and there are good days and bad ones but just look how far you have come. Try to have a positive outlook before you run and if it’s not as good as the last then onwards and upwards. I find drinking a lot of water the day before and watching the food intake helps me...I still wouldn’t say I “enjoy” running and can think of another unprintable word 😂 but afterwards feel such an achievement plus bits of me have stopped aching (don’t forget stretching too) Your not alone ! 😊 try to relax when running this will help with your neck and shoulders and don’t lean forward stand tall.

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Gomama in reply to RunRunRun13

Thanks Runrunrun13. I shall take your advice on board. It’s good to know I’m not alone in feeling the way I do. Hopefully it will improve in time 😊

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Perhaps you’re running too fast for you right now? And sounds like you’re quite tense while running - hence the sore neck & shoulders. This is my remedy for everything and everyone but it really worked for me, and made running a pleasure. Check out the Japanese slow jogging technique, there’s a short film on youtube showing a low impact style of running. It’s called nico nico in Japanese- meaning smile! I swear by this (found it around week 6). Now I’m not running joyfully around the park like a happy child, I’m 53, and run like a little old Japanese man! But it has made running pleasurable, not just being grateful that it’s finished! And I am smiling most of the time. And I’ve had no injuries or pain. Give it a try and see how you feel, I’ve had forum chums who’ve checked it out (because I bang on about it so much) and have said how much it helped them. Hope it helps.

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Gomama in reply to DiscoRunner

Oh that’s interesting DiscoRunner. I’m going to check out the nico nico 🇯🇵jogging technique and see if it works for me! Thanks for the suggestion.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading and explains the recommended easy conversational pace, which not only makes it easier but also more enjoyable.

Are you running outdoors? Go and run somewhere beautiful and uplifting. Grinding away on a dreadmill or trudging urban streets is not going to be inspiring.

As for tension in neck.........are you holding anything while you run? Don't!!! Hands should be loose and unclenched. Have a look at the link in the guide to the article about posture.

Enjoy your journey.

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Gomama in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks IannodaTruffe. I am running outdoors and varying my route but I think I might try to include some softer ground ( Park/ fields) to lessen the aches. I shall check out the links you’ve sent me too.

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It will come back. The more you can cross train the less the neck, shoulders and other bits will ache... the more you run the less your legs will. C25K keeps pushing your endurance and fitness levels... once you’ve graduated not all runs need to do that... you can extend a run and on other days run shorter than that one to be within your limits.

Check out the strength and flex programme and forum... we are currently goal setting for increasing abilities other than running.

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Gomama in reply to UnfitNoMore

That’s sound advice UnfitNoMore. I haven’t tried the strength and flex programme so I’ll give it a go! Thanks.

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The neck and shoulders thing is probably tension brought on by dread. Try swinging your arms around a bit to loosen them before you run? Perhaps add in a swim once per week to have some non impact relaxing exercise? Lastly, you could try putting on some really cheerful music over the app so that you have something you enjoy to distract you? I know people who run to audio books but for me it's 80s and 90s cheese all the way!

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Gomama in reply to Sweatyfaced

Thanks for these suggestions Sweatyfaced... all worth a try! And 80’s and 90’s cheesey music may certainly make me smile!😀

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